5 Ticketing Companies with the Most Sufficient Tickets in Shanghai

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  • Under the Shanghai Junli Aviation Services Co., Ltd, Shanghai Shahang Air Ticket Co. Ltd mainly sells domestic and international air tickets. It establishes good relationship of cooperation with many major airlines at home and abroad, such as Germany Lufthansa Group, Air France, the Netherlands Royal, United Kingdom Virgin Atlantic Airways, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Thai Airways and so on. Annual sales in the Shanghai rankings are listed before the name.
  • Shanghai Guangfa Air Ticket Co., Ltd. sells airline tickets of major Chinese and foreign airlines and also provides services of charter flights, aviation-related businesses such as express delivery. In order to provide a convenient, speedy service for customers, it has established more than a dozen divisions and sales department in many districts and counties in Shanghai, and set up two departments in Hongqiao and Pudong airports.
  • Shanghai Civil Aviation Ticket Agent Co., Ltd. sells international airline tickets, domestic air tickets , discount tickets, special fares of Eastern Airlines, Southern Airlines, China Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, KLM, Air Canada, Air France, Lufthansa Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, British Airways, Qatar Airlines, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines and other major airlines, and provides international and domestic flights inquiries, and ticket reservations through telephone, fax, Internet and other multi-channel ways.
  • Shanghai Tiantian Air Ticketing Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in providing international and domestic air services. It is the member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Shanghai region. And it has established a good cooperative relationship with the major domestic airlines. Now the company has several BSP reservation systems and automatic counting systems and occupied a high position in the aviation market.
  • Shanghai Sunshine air ticketing Co., Ltd. provides domestic and international air ticket booking services, as well as domestic and international practical information on travel. The company has a professionally competent, hard working, and efficient team of staff, combined with a variety of facilities, to meet the travel needs of customers in all around way.

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