Top 5 Business Schools with the Most Distinctive MBA Programs in Shanghai

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About the Ranking
With the economic strength’s development of China, more and more foreigners come to China for the study of MBA. Depending on the superior economic conditions, Shanghai has naturally become the one of the key cities for study. Shanghai has numerous commercial colleges and some of them have opened quite distinctive MBA programs.
  • The MBA program of Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University was opened in 1994. The courses can be divided into degree courses and non-degree courses. The degree courses include general courses and core courses. The non-degree courses include required courses and major field courses. This college has been striving to complete the MBA program. Currently, the MBA program consists of full-time, fundamental amateur and intensive classes.
  • Since the opening of MBA teaching in 1991, School of Management in Fudan University has based itself upon Chinese actual conditions and used the economic advantages, subject advantages and profound cultural deposits to organize a series of lectures. It invites famous professors of all subjects to give speeches to the students and promote the quality of the MBA students of Fudan.
  • The MAB teaching of School of Economics and Management, Tongji University not only pays attention to the teaching quality but also pays attention to the career development of the students. Tongji University took the lead to establish the MBA career development center in China. This center cooperates with lots of famous foreign or domestic enterprises to build “Tongji MBA Practice Base”. The MBA students can have the opportunities to practice themselves there.
  • MBA College, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has its own teaching philosophy. The administrative management organization of the college can be divided into administrative department, educational administration, marketing department and training department. This college fully adopts the marketization method to promote the development of the MBA teaching.
  • The MAB training direction of East China Normal University can be divided into modern enterprise management and strategic decision, financial management, new industry management and human resource management. This university has good basis for MBA teaching. For over 20 years, East China Normal University has held over 100 business management training for numerous large and medium scale enterprises.

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