10 Business Schools with the Most Powerful Teaching Force in China

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When choosing a foreign business school, the teaching force is an important standard to judge the strength of the school. All the following 10 commercial colleges have abundant teaching force. They are your first choice to study in China.
  • College of Management, Fudan University has a group of teachers who have profound scientific attainments and rich experience of management practical experience. Currently, the college has 146 teachers, in which 48 are professors, 54 are associate professors.
  • Currently, there are 134 full-time teachers in this school. Most of the teachers have the experience of studying abroad. Tsinghua SEM invites famous foreign and domestic scholars, government officials and enterprise leaders to give over 150 extracurricular academic reports and special lectures to the students.
  • Currently, this college has 146 full-time teachers, in which 51 are professors (40 are doctoral tutor), 74 are associate professor, and 75.6% of the teachers have doctor’s degrees. There are 1536 undergraduates, 597 master students, 341 doctor students, 37 post doctors, over 1300 MBA students.
  • Currently, there are 121 teachers in this school, in which, 80 teachers have doctor’s degrees. 33 teachers are professors (including 23 doctoral tutors), 45 teachers are associate professors, and 41 teachers are lecturers. The school has also employed a group of famous foreign and domestic scholars and enterprisers as part-time professors.
  • As the important base of China’ business administration education, Renmin University of China, School of Business has 139 full-time teachers, in which 47 are professors (including 45 doctorial tutors), 52 are associate professors.
  • This school has 100 full-time teachers, in which 32 are professors, 40 are associate professors, and 28 are lectures. 94% of the full-time teachers have doctor’s degrees, in which, 57 received their doctor’s degrees in Hong Kong and overseas.
  • Sun Yat-sen University has abundant teaching force. It has 98 professional teachers, of which, 32 are professors, and 30 are doctorial tutors. 85% of the teachers have doctor’s degrees. This school has employed 41 famous foreign and domestic economists and management scientists.
  • Currently, there are 164 employees in the Business School of Nankai University. 116 are full-time teachers, in which, 38 are professors (including 25 doctoral tutors), 55 are associate professors, and 23 are lecturers.
  • There are 101 teachers in the Management School of this university, in which, 29 are professors, 52 are associate professors and senior engineers, 20 are lecturers. 70% of the teachers have doctor’s degrees.
  • The College of Management in this university has 161 employees, in which, 42 are professors, 20 are doctoral tutors, and 60 are associate professors. The college has 38 post doctors.

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