Five Most Professional Law Firms on Foreign Investment in Shenzhen

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About the Ranking
When you run into thorny legal disputes, how can you deal with it? The following 5 lawyer firms have accumulated lots of experience in handing foreign investment cases as the best lawyer firms in Shenzhen.
  • The firm has gained rich experience taking part in numbers of foreign-investment projects. As a legal counselor of international multinational companies, large and medium sized state-owned business and private-owned business, the company is working hard to provide the legal service with respect to restructuring, mergers & inquisitions, issuing securities, technology transfer, capital re-constructure, establishment of foreign-invested enterprises, and acquisition of enterprises in China, etc.
  • SD & Partners is a partnership law firm established with approval of the Department of Justice of Guangdong Province. It is now one of the largest comprehensive legal service agencies with a large scale, wide services, high technology and diversified modes of service. The firm also set up a department specialized in providing all-around services of company establishment, transfer, re-constructure, liquidation, insolvency and daily operation for foreign-invested enterprises.
  • The firm pays more attention to the connection with all related departments at home and abroad, especially establishes a close relation with the lawyers in all cities. Now it has cooperated with many law firms domestically and abroad including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the U.S., Canada, Japan and Singapore, etc. It has set up an associated office in England, apart for offices in New York and Zhuhai, which facilitates the customers in China and out of China to receive more professional and excellent legal services.
  • The firm is one of the few professional law companies with the combination of lawyer business acting, patent acting, trademarks acting and enterprise registration acting. In addition, it also has possessed a lot of practical experience on foreign-investment legal cases. It has provided legal services for over 580 large and medium sized enterprises at home and abroad.
  • As one of the largest law firms, Jingtian has gained lots of practical experience with respect to company establishment, registration, liquidation, insolvency and bankruptcy, share transfer, capital re-constructure, and mergers & inquisitions, etc, which help provide all-around legal service for foreign-owned enterprises.

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