5 Most Professional Law Firms on Japanese Law Service in China

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About the Ranking
Among all the law firms in China, the following 5 law firms will be the first choice on Japanese law service with advantageous of both strong strength and rich experience.
  • Possessing an independent Japanese department, KING & WOOD has rich practical experience on Chinese and Japanese business legal service. It has been providing the services of Japanese patent, trademark and business for many years. With the establishment of Tokyo branch in 2005, KING & WOOD has made a steady development with the center of Beijing and Shanghai. In addition, with the connection of all branches, the firm has provided legal services for Japanese clients including litigation and arbitration, international trade and investment cases, etc.
  • Established in 1992, Dacheng is one of the first and largest partnership law firms in China. As one of the first law firms for multinational companies, the lawyers of Dacheng can provide legal services on investment and operation to help make a complicated and block deal. For years Dacheng has fostered a good working relationship with international lawyers. At present it has cooperated with famous Japanese law firms to keep its professionalism in the field of Japanese law services.
  • As a law firm able to provide a full range of commercial law services, Junhe has offered legal services in all fields for many domestic and foreign clients, especially for Japanese clients. Among the over 300 practicing lawyers, a part of them can provide services in Japanese. The perfect computer management system and standard communication facilities guarantee legal services of higher quality for clients in time.
  • With advanced partnership system and democratic management mode, Jintiancheng has possessed a team of law talents with high quality. 64 of them have studied in the U.S., England and Japan or have worked abroad. In addition, the firm has employed some experts who have taken part in the draft of China Foreign Trade Economics Laws and Regulations and International Treaty. What’s more, it also employs some authorities on Securities Regulations as the special consultants. Therefore, it is good at dealing with Japanese legal cases.
  • Founded in 1993, Zhong Lun has helped numbers of Japanese clients solve legal problems for nearly a decade. It possesses 500 practicing lawyers and other professional staff. As a comprehensive law firm providing service for clients of different industries, Zhong Lun is always providing superior service on real estate, international trade, finance matters, litigation and negotiations, etc.

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