Top Ten Most Famous Chinese Language Schools in Beijing

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About the Ranking
As the capital of China, Beijing has become the hot choice for them to study or live in this city. If you want to learn Chinese, it is also possible for you to find a good school in Beijing. According the total strength and the public praise of the schools, we have evaluated the following ten popular schools for you to learn Chinese.
  • As the training centre of the Beijing Youth Concern International Education Centre, it is currently one of the most experienced organizations in terms of language teaching in China. Half of CLA teachers are doctor or master holders.
  • Located in the city centre of Beijing, it is famous for its high-qualified courses and a harmonious environment for study. Through its colorful activities and careful service for its students, it has become popular among foreign students.
  • It obtains a good reputation among foreigners, each year; around 1500 people from more than 62 countries attend this school to learn Chinese. It also has had the honor to serve many corporate clients, including the Price Water Hous and so on.
  • The great advantage of this school lies at that it tries its best to introduce the students to Chinese culture while teaching them how to speak and read Mandarin. Due to its unique teaching belief, more and more foreigners have chosen to learn Chinese in this school.
  • It has been officially designated to represent internationally recognized top Chinese Universities in China and to assist foreign students to learn the Mandarin Chinese language. The affordable and high quality China related programs it offers help each student to immerse himself into Chinese language.
  • With a history of more than 100 years, it has become the best choice for business men who want to learn Chinese well. Its unique method of teaching, and its scientific way of communicating with students, all these have contributed to its success.
  • It is the leading China programs provider with more than 16,000 past participants including individual students, corporate and government organizations, university study tours, high school study tours, senior group tours and tailored group tours.
  • Located near the Tiananmen Square, it offers the best environment for foreign students to experience the ancient culture of China. Under the effort of the teachers in it, it is able to give students the best course in Chinese.
  • It aims to help students learn to speak Chinese through a unique comprehensive program, which has made it different from other language schools in Beijing. Students can develop their speaking skills and understand Chinese by submerging themselves in situations similar to those of real-life.
  • After years’ development, it has become a professional mandarin and culture learning centre. Focus on the ability of practical usage such as listening and speaking, it adopts many effective methods to class teaching.

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