Top Ten Most Effective Tips for Chinese Learning in China

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In some people's eyes, Chinese can be the most difficult language in the world. However, this saying only tells people the part of truth. Facts show that if you choose the proper way and follow some correct advice, you will find it is much easier for learning Chinese.
  • If you have joined a language course in a mandarin school, remember to review what you have learned in the class within 15 minutes after class. Studies have shown that students will keep a greater retention of the knowledge they have learned f they review briefly right after class.
  • Preview by reading out loud. On the day when you are to read the textbook dialogue, do so by reading out loud, rather than silently. By doing this you can practice your spoken Chinese and find out some words you haven't quite mastered yet.
  • Try to learn something about Chinese every day. By doing this you will find it more effective than studying for a long period at one time. It's impossible for you to learn a language by studying only once a week, even if the study period is very long.
  • On learning new words, try to learn these words sessions by sessions. This way will help you to make full use of your time, you can even learn some words while riding the bus, eating breakfast or doing other things.
  • As most learners have realized, the only way to learn Chinese characters is to memorize them. Try to remember them by writing them on a piece of paper.
  • Make vocabulary flashcards. It will be convenient for you to remember some words during your spare time. It is also useful for your tests in the class if you have chosen to learn Chinese in a mandarin school.
  • To prepare for vocabulary quizzes, you can try the way of making a 3-column vocabulary sheet with characters, pinyin, and English definitions.
  • You will remember more words if you choose to remember them before going to bed every evening. The review should be short.
  • If possible, try to find a study partner to do your practice drills. By doing this you will find it more interesting and easier to start your Chinese activities every day.
  • When practicing your ability of reading, the best way for you is to cover up the pinyin while reading a piece of text. Remember to write vocabulary notes on a separate page, not on the text.

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