Ten Chinese Language Schools with Best Service in Guangzhou

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As we all known, every thing will be difficult if you need to do it in a foreign country, it is the same with Chinese language school. If you are a foreigner in Guangzhou, you may need not to worry about such thing, for the following ten schools with the best service will offer you a wide chance of choice.
  • Founded in 2005 by China International Enterprises Co-operative Corp, it is a professional Chinese language school providing professional Chinese training courses for foreigners from more than hundreds of cooperative companies.
  • Owning a group of professional and warm-hearted teachers, it has opened six branches in Guangzhou. As one of the companies of the Newworld Education Group, it has been well known for its thorough service on the studies and lives of its students.
  • Being well known for its professional and efficient courses and excellent facilities and service, it has offered various Chinese programs for individual and companies from all over the world.
  • As one of the schools of IMandarin, it is located in the center of Guangzhou city. Offering various courses referring to each aspects of Chinese language, it has been well known internationally for its profession and efficiency.
  • Since its establishment, it has always put the needs of its students at the first place, and the courses taught in it are designed according to different needs of foreigners living in China.
  • It can be regarded as the best place for learning Chinese culture. Owning a professional and creative Chinese and Chinese Culture consulting team, it has the ability of offering the best courses on China.
  • An excellent group of teachers it owns is the greatest guarantee for its quality of service. All the teachers are certified professional and bilingual Chinese teachers with years of experience in the field. At present the 1600 students it has received also show its quality of service.
  • After years’ development, it has developed its unique advantages in training through various measures. In the whole process of development, thsy have tried to meet the demand of Chinese language training, integrated the school and education resources.
  • It is famous for its various courses, which includes training course for yueyu, and foreign languages and so on. AS a training school, it is good at satisfying the needs of different learners.
  • As one of the main language training centers in Guangzhou, it offers not only a variety of foreign language courses, but also designed several Chinese language courses. Flexibility and responsibility has become its advantages years.

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