Ten Professional Chinese Language Schools in Southeast of China

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In many people' eyes, the southeast area of China is the best place for traveling. However, few people have realized that it is also a good place for study, for its beautiful environment. If you want to learn Chinese in this area, the following ten best Chinese language schools may be useful for you, which are evaluated by their comprehensive.
  • As one of the ten best Chinese language training schools in China, it owns a large group of experienced and certificated specialists and teachers. Taking all effort to provide better training and service, it also provides service of home stay, internship and so on.
  • Located in Hang Zhou, it was and is the first Chinese language training institute in China. Over one thousand students have already graduated from it. Its high-qualified faculty, various courses and considerate spirit of service has satisfied every student in it.
  • With its experienced and friendly teaching faculty and staff, it is a modern language institute to offer international students Chinese language and culture courses. It always tries its best to deliver excellent, diverse and flexible Chinese language programs for students from all over the world.
  • Being committed to providing the international community with the best Chinese educational experience, it focuses on meeting the educational and services needs for Chinese learning, university preparation and professional development.
  • As a small and friendly mandarin school in downtown Hang Zhou, it owns a large group of young teachers who are enthusiastic and committed to Chinese teaching. It also provides relevant service to students from abroad including accommodation, bicycle renting and so on.
  • It is famous for the education method of Chinese characters and Chinese grammar. Belongs to a famous education group, it is able to offer the students the best study environment and help them to make progress in Chinese learning in a short time.
  • Possessing 100 years history of Chinese education, it is a Chinese training center facing international students all over the world; providing all kinds of Chinese training courses for international students.
  • With its vivid description and colorful activities, it helps foreign students to contact and understand Chinese culture in a direct and effective way. For years it has been well known for its high-qualified teaching in China's culture.
  • As a center of excellence, it tries its best to provide professional education and training to improve learners' competitiveness. For those students who are interested in Chinese culture, it also runs various courses. Students in here can learn Chinese in an informal and enjoyable setting.
  • Founded by a group of people who have studied abroad, it is a language training school which fully teaches in accordance with the needs of students. All the courses in it have been designed internationally.

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