Top Ten Best Chinese Language Schools in Shanghai

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About the Ranking
As one of the most cities in China, Shanghai is also a hot place for foreigners to work and live there. Thus there are more and more Chinese language schools are established in that city. According to the comprehensive strength of each school, we have evaluated the top ten best Chinese language schools in Shanghai, hoping it may be useful for you.
  • As the leading Chinese language school based in Shanghai building on “Total Solution to Language Barriers”, it has been dedicated to provide the best Chinese course through its superior teaching resources.
  • During the years, it has been well known for its professionalism, efficiency and excellent service. In the past 4 years, more than 20,000 students from all over the world have registered for Chinese courses with it, enjoying their time with our friendly staff and teachers.
  • Invested by Chiway Education International which belongs to the biggest Chinese educational Group, it is a professional Chinese language training center. It has given Chinese training to more than 3000 individual clients and 100 corporate clients for eight years.
  • Quality is the biggest advantage of BE mandarin, and all teachers are selected with a strict system by it. It also offers various services for its students, including Chinese learning, translation and interpretation services, China cultural tour, and English learning.
  • It is a mandarin language centre of Shanghai Ligong University (USST). Offering a serious of professional Mandarin courses of all levels all year long, it s able to meet the needs of foreign students from all over the world. In this school, the free trial is also allowed.
  • As an Anglo-Chinese institution, it is created to provide the most professional and efficient Mandarin language training to individuals or groups seeking proficiency in Mandarin for professional or personal use.
  • With a group of high-qualified teachers, it designs various courses of different levels for different students. And its dynamic method emphasizes conversation has helped numerous students to learn Chinese in an effective and useful way.
  • It is one of the oldest established modern mandarin schools in Shanghai, and has accumulated truly extensive professional experience. At the same time, it delivers Western-standard classes by carefully studying each student’s need and learning objectives, which has become a characteristic of it.
  • Focus on practical and the students’ ability of speaking Chinese; it has designed a special course for foreign students who want to learn Chinese well. Using proprietary materials, their experienced instructors are native speakers.
  • In order to help the foreigners to ease their lives in China, Chinese4u Mandarin training center teaches Mandarin Chinese as a second language carefully. And the staffs at it are professional and have achieved a lot in trying some useful ways of teaching.

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