Top Ten Best Chinese Language Schools in China

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About the Ranking
In recent year, Chinese has become more and more popular among foreigners, thus a large number of Chinese language schools have been established in China. Facing so many schools, how to choose a proper one for you? According the comprehensive strength of these schools, who have evaluated the 10 best schools in China, hope it helpful for you.
  • With over 10 years of development, it is currently one of the most experienced organizations in terms of language teaching in China. Half of its teachers are doctor or master holders. It always offers service for some famous companies all over the world.
  • At iMandarin, the learners can enjoy a professional and efficient language instruction and excellent service. In the past 5 years, more than 20,000 students from all over the world have learned Chinese in it, which shows its strong strength in Chinese language teaching.
  • As one of the top private language schools in Beijing, it provides expertise in language instruction and culture to students worldwide. It has achieved a lot in Chinese language teaching and career training. Various and high-qualified has become the great advantage for it.
  • Enjoying a good reputation among foreigners, it receives about more than 3000 students each year, and it has also established wide corporations with some international companies. Each year, around 1500 people from more than 62 countries will study Chinese in it.
  • As a mandarin language centre of Shanghai Ligong University (USST), it offers a serious of professional Mandarin courses of all levels all year long. In order to meet the needs of students from all over the world, it has designed various courses and offer several kinds of service.
  • Owning branches in the major cities of China, it has won great reputation in the world. And it has been officially designated to assist foreign students to learn the Mandarin Chinese language. The affordable and high quality China related programs it offers are very competitive.
  • Being focused on practical and the students’ ability of speaking Chinese; it has designed a special course for foreign students who want to learn Chinese well. Using proprietary materials, their experienced instructors are native speakers.
  • Among numerous Chinese language schools in China, it has been well known for its professional and efficient courses. And the excellent facilities and services it offers for its students also have won great reputation for it.
  • Located in the center of Beijing city, it is convenient for international students to learn Chinese in it. And the excellent and interesting Chinese program it offers is also a great advantage for it. With its strong strength, it has another school in Shanghai.
  • As an Anglo-Chinese institution, it aims at providing the most professional and efficient Mandarin language training to individuals or groups seeking proficiency in Mandarin for professional or personal use from the world, which has helped it to be known be more people.

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