Top 10 Popular China Universities for International Students to Study Chinese

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Being attracted by the unique charm of Chinese, more and more students have come to study in China's universities. According the history and reputation of numerous universities in China, we have evaluated 10 popular universities in China for international students to study Chinese.
  • It is one of the oldest universities in China. With about 43 language courses, including 11 special languages, it provides a high-ranked language studying environment for all students.
  • As the most famous south university of foreign languages in China, it has researched Chinese as a foreign language for a long time. The School of International Cultural Exchange in this university is the best place for foreign students.
  • Among China's universities, it has been famous for its close relationship with over 160 universities and media organizations at both home and abroad for years. The whole university also holds good forms of foreign students' education.
  • Since its establishment, this university has taken the teaching of Chinese and culture to foreign students as its main task. It also owns great strength in providing training courses for teachers in teaching Chinese too.
  • Being one of the most prestigious universities of international studies in China, this university has established a wide corporation relationship with overseas institutions on academic and cultural exchanges.
  • Found in 1964, it has developed into a nationwide comprehensive university for its excellent education on languages. The modern languages departments and experienced teachers is a key part for its success.
  • It is the one of the oldest four institutions of higher foreign language in China. With its multi-disciplinary and multi-level teaching, it has become an important language personnel training base in northwest of China.
  • Having a glorious educational tradition, it takes a leading role in foreign language teaching among universities in southeast China. The long history of this university is also an important aspect for its success.
  • For Chinese and overseas students, it offers a number of language and cultural programs. No matter what their educational backgrounds are, it is always an ideal place to study.
  • Aiming at training professional interpreters and translators, it has changed itself into a multi-disciplinary university after years' development in Dalian. The training centers play an important part in its teaching.

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