Most Professional Mandarin Schools in Guangzhou for HSK Preparation Courses

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If you want to study or work in China, a HSK certificate with higher level will help you much. However, it seems to be a difficult thing for you to find a Chinese school with professional HSK preparation course in China. In Guangzhou, the following four Chinese schools are able to fulfill your needs.
  • It offers HSK preparations courses in different levels. Most of the teachers for HSK course come from famous universities in Guangzhou such as Jinan University and Sun Yat-sen University, and some of them have more than 10 years’ experience in teaching HSK for foreign students in Guangzhou. All the teaching materials for HSK course in the school is designed by the teachers and concentrates on the HSK test.
  • Xin Han Ji Chinese Language Training Center is a professional HSK training center in Guangzhou. All the HSK courses are designed relevantly according to HSK test outline, synchronal individual guidance are arranged with systematical explanation, teaching and exercise are arranged logically. The teachers are experienced of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and HSK tutoring.
  • The academic Chinese course offered by iMandarin (Guangzhou) is a preparation program designed for foreign students to attend Chinese universities. It helps students increase Chinese language level thoroughly in short time, which focus on all four major skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing with systematic study of weekly 30 lessons, to reach students’ academically demanding and pass HSK test.
  • Located in Huali Road in Zhujiang New Town, Tang Super Chinese (TSC) has been known for its professional and efficient courses and excellent facilities and services. As to HSK Preparation course, most of Tang's teachers obtain master’s degrees and come from related professional background, and it has more than 2,500 teaching hours on average.

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