Most Professional 10 Chinese Language Schools in Beijing for Chinese Spoken Course

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About the Ranking
Owning fluent spoken Chinese will surely make your study experience or life in Beijing more colorful. Wanting to learn spoken Chinese in Beijing but don’t know where to find a proper Chinese language school? Hope the ranking below useful for you!
  • BCLS provides various programs in group or private class, each student can always find a best way to meet their special needs. The spoken Chinese course in it is designed for those who want to master oral Chinese communication skills quickly; the course comprises three levels, nine sublevels.
  • It adopts a variety of teaching materials in interactive group classes of no more than 8 students, and the teachers will teach you everything you need to speak and understand Mandarin, in addition to a solid foundation in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.
  • It is famous for its various types of spoken Chinese course offered in regular period. All its spoken Chinese course are based on the practical ability of it students and help them to master common oral Chinese in a short time.
  • In 1 On 1 Mandarin, you will improve your spoken Chinese level by its special one on one course, which is very effective for the learner that wants to be able to engage in oral conversation with the local Chinese in a short time.
  • Being famous for its professionalism, efficiency and excellent service, iMandarin (Beijing) offers colorful spoken Chinese course in which students can learn oral Chinese in an easy way within activities.
  • Sinoland College is a language training organization that specializes in Spoken Chinese. Its biggest strength lies in its intensive program that quickly improves a learner’s oral Chinese skills. An absolute beginner is able to speak fluent Chinese after completing our 750-hour program.
  • Mandarin House "Star" Chinese Course leads you achieve rapid progress in your Chinese by focusing on practical language skills of speaking, listening and reading phonetics with special emphasis on conversation.
  • With over 10 years’ development, Chinese Language Alliance is currently one of the most experienced organizations in terms of language teaching in China. The spoken Chinese course offered by it is all taught by experienced teachers from top Chinese universities.
  • It specializes in providing Chinese language training, Chinese cultural programs and cultural information to people all over the world. It aims at improving students’ spoken Chinese in a more interesting way such as its travel Chinese course.
  • Spoken Chinese course in The Frontiers School is based on the general language skills in daily life. Well designed teaching materials and experienced teachers will help students to speak Chinese like Chinese people.

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