Five Most Professional Chinese Schools with Chinese Culture Courses in Beijing

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Joining Chinese culture course in Beijing would be a wonderful experience for Beijing is one of the most proper cities to experience Chinese culture. Then where to find a professional Chinese school offering such culture course?
  • Besides for the Chinese class carried out in the classroom, Mandarin House offers great chance for foreign students to discover the Chinese culture by themselves through their colorful cultural activities in Beijing. Different excursions will be organized and its experienced coordinators will guide students to places where are exciting, modern, traditional, interesting.
  • In order to help foreign students to learn authentic knowledge of Chinese traditional culture, BCLS designs a professional culture course which combines Chinese calligraphy, Peking Opera, Kites making, Chinese Knot, Tai Chi Chuan and Paper Cutting as a whole and helps students to learn through the practical activities.
  • Founded in 2003, The Frontiers School is one of the most renowned and ranks the top five of Chinese schools in Beijing. The Chinese culture course of it covers a wide range of Chinese culture such as Chinese paper cutting, Chinese painting, Mahiong and Chinese chese, Chinese cooking, etc.
  • iMandarin (Beijing) is iMandarin's latest mandarin training branch founded in September, 2007. The cross-culture course it offers is the most professional one among Chinese culture courses in China. This course will benefit managers, executives and business professionals who seek to better understand the impact of culture on business and communication.
  • The Chinese programs of Beiyan Language and Culture Institute integrate all aspects of the language and culture. Accelerated teaching methods allow participants at lower proficiency levels to acquire the language skills needed for effective communication in a short period of time, including their basic understanding of Chinese traditional culture.

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