Five Chinese Language Schools with Most Comprehensive Business Chinese Course in Beijing

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Excellent Business Chinese skills will help you to perform well in your business activities in Beijing. But where to find the best Chinese language schools with high quality Business Chinese courses? Considering the content of the Business Chinese courses, the following five Chinese language schools would be good.
  • iMandarin (Beijing) has all levels of Business Chinese language courses, ranging from absolute beginner up to improving your ability to read economic and industry periodicals. The course emphasizes learning business Chinese for commercial activities and social skills, and introduction to Chinese society, culture, customs and commercial background.
  • In BCLS, the Business Chinese Course is specially designed for those who need to work or have business in China, and it focuses on practical intercommunication task in business field. Related Commercial etiquette and cross-cultural intercommunication knowledge is introduced, to improve student’s communication ability.
  • World Link Education's unique Chinese Language and Business Program combines Chinese language studies with the study of China's dynamic business system including its business culture and current economic, political and social environment. These Language and Business programs are ideal for those interested in doing business or working in China.
  • China Language Academy has all levels of Business Chinese language courses, ranging from absolute beginner up to improving students’ ability to read economic and industry periodicals. In this school, Business Chinese is conducted in group discussions whenever possible to help students deepen their understanding and exchange ideas on these topics.
  • RCH provides business Chinese programs that enable each of its students to achieve professional business communication goals. Teachers are all well-trained and have different specialized subjects. According to students’ requirements, suitable teacher will be arranged accordingly.

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