Top 5 Most Well-received Investment Consultant Companies in China

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It is a good choice for a foreign company to consult a professional company before investing in China. The following are the most well-received consultant companies in China and they can offer the most excellent service for you.
  • Guangzhou LiKer Investment Consultant Co., LTD was established in 2004. By bringing in a group of professionals and management specialists, Liker aims to provide unique "Total Expertise" by assisting clients with strategies, identifying partners, and providing full range of consulting services. Today, Liker has development centers in Guangdong area. Basing on the strengths of its staff and Technology, Liker is able to form strategic alliance and therefore able to deliver the effective management skills and technology of the West.
  • It is a company specialized in investment consulting and distribution services for foreign companies willing to do business in China. Inter China has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and offers its services from there to clients all over the world. Thanks to its highly qualified and professional staff, InterChina is able to realize its clients’ plans in the Chinese market.
  • UTRUST is a consulting institution that provides clients service in registering offshore companies and planning profitable investment. UTRUST has international service network, offering professional and swift service to clients of all over the world.
  • Lingkun investment consultation co., Ltd was founded in the bustling city of Shanghai. It provides the full spectrum of international business consulting services for clients interested in doing business in China. Lingkun investment consultation is a specialist in guiding small, medium, and family-owned businesses to expand their operations in China.
  • Its major purpose is to contact with and help some domestic enterprises which are continuously developing and have a strong power to come into the oversea markets. At the same time, Van In-style Business Investment consulting Co.,LTD will make effects to the cooperation between enterprises in domestic and international, such as assisting and communicating with local governments for the foreign capital attracting plan.

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