Top 8 Apartments in Chaoyang District, Beijing

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Beijing's Chaoyang District is home to a good part of Beijing's diplomatic quarters, with many embassies located in the area. It is a good choice to find an apartment for the foreigners. The following recommend 10 apartments in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
  • Asia-Pacific Building is a 15-storey complex, located just beside Jian Wai Diplomatic compound, along the East 2nd Ring Road, beside the Bank of China. It is decorated with advanced facilities and can satisfy all the needs of customers.
  • Diyang Apartment is a low-rise building and it is a cozy and quiet compound with a lot of big shopping centers and foreign Embassies nearby. The well-equipped facilities and decorations create a atmosphere of “home”.
  • Fairview Garden consists of two 18-storey buildings. Very good services and security are provided by the management company. The inner decoration and facilities will make you feel at home and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the room.
  • Located next to Workers' Stadium road, it is an apartment equipped with high-class facilities. There are 4 blocks with 28 floors. It is top quality apartment so far which symbols Luxury.
  • It is apartments Consisted of six low-rise buildings for residence and a huge high-rise building for both residence and commercial. The convenient location will make you go the center of the city quickly.
  • Very contemporary designed buildings with large, down to the floor glass windows, presentable fancy lobby, large layouts, and nicely decorated bathrooms and kitchens.
  • There are 13 small European-style villas and 7 residence buildings featuring nearly 400 1-bedroom-and-2- sitting-rooms to 5-bedroom-and-2-sitting-room suites. You can enjoy the beautiful view from the room when you are free.
  • It is a quiet and peaceful compound with large central garden, full of beautiful flowers and with a small artificial lake. The well equipped facilities and inner decoration can satisfy all your needs.

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