Top 10 Most Popular Apartments in Beijing--Jing Guang Centre Area

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There are many excellent apartments for renting in Beijing. If you just come to China and want to live in the Jing Guang Centre Area, the following apartments should be your good choices.
  • High-rise building consists of hotel, office, apartment and Clubhouse. Japanese style apartment, carpeted floor, open kitchen, nice furniture and fantastic city view. Hotel services are provided.
  • Spreading across a 10.5-hectare garden site, big central garden is ideal for families with children.All the apartments are very modern designed, large and bright, wooden floor, and European style kitchen.
  • Luxury apartment building with very high quality finishings and decoration, various designs to cater different tastes. It is very suitable for businessmen working in Kerry Center or nearby.
  • The project comprises two American style, high rise buildings. Professional management company provides 24-hour services, maintenance and cleaning of the communal facilities.
  • The plaza is currently the highest buildings within Beijing. The grand project is organized by notorious architects and construction companies. Superior quality apartments and high standard equipment.
  • Newly built apartment complex with high rise buildings, beautiful central garden and good quality club house. Due to large beautiful central garden, this compound is very favored by families with children.
  • Golden Lake Garden is a 26-storey project beside the beautiful Tuanjie Lake. The convenient location makes it a very popular place for the people who want to combine their office and residence together.
  • City Plaza is a complex that consists of three 26-storey buildings, one office building and a big shopping centre.Due to the large layout and convenient facilities, it is favored by young people.
  • The complex comprises apartment and office buildings. Developed infrastructure: shopping mall, cafes, etc. Housekeeping services can be provided. Modern fully furnished apartments for affordable prices.
  • Two residential tower blocks with an interconnecting podium. Located right opposite the beautiful Tuanjiehu Park. High standard hotel services are provided by an international management company.

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