Top 10 Best Hotel Apartments in Beijing

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It is important to find a safe place to live in a foreign country. In Beijing, if you want to find an apartment, you can consider the following apartments which provide best service.
  • Distinguished itself by its fashionable design, excellent service and European style management, it is one of best apartment in Beijing. With its 199 comfortable and elegant suites, it offers safety, privacy and personalized service.
  • Tastefully decorated and impeccably furnished, all apartments have comfortable lounge, dining room and bedrooms, and fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The Apartments at Plaza are comprised of four luxurious blocks: Millennium Heights, Atlantic Heights, Pacific and Centennial Heights. All designed with meticulous care.
  • An easy access to transportation with the completion of the subway and airport express system makes it a convenient location to live and work. The well decoration of the room and the advanced facility can satisfy all your needs.
  • With luxury interior decoration and full facilities, it provides every tenant the all-sided residential service. And most occupants of it are diplomats, distinguished person and businessman.
  • 35,000 square meters of space available with business center, bank, post office, car park, clinic, hotel, apartments, ticketing center, fitness center, beauty & hair salon, restaurants, etc make the apartment one of most popular apartment in Beijing.
  • The apartments are with comprehensive functions. It offers public, living and business services. The inner decoration and well equipped facility make the apartment a home atmosphere.
  • Here you will experience a hassle-free transition into Beijing's life, a complete cosmopolitan lifestyle and the convenience of "Turn-key" luxury. From the room, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside.
  • Its impressive blend of grand culture and dynamic modern day architecture makes it one of the landmarks in the Chinese capital. The excellent decoration and advanced facility in the room can satisfy all your needs.
  • With a predominant location and great service, Huiyuan International Apartments is an ideal choice when you go to Beijing for business, travel or shopping. The decoration, facility and the location are suitable for you to live.

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