Ten Best Senior Apartments with Best Environmental Conditions in Chaoyang District of Beijing

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As the major foreign active region of Beijing and even the whole China, Chaoyang District has several senior apartments. Now, there are ten best environmental senior apartments as follows.
  • This project locates at the north of forest park and the east of green isolation belt. There are many diversified rare plants in the building, including shrubs, ground covers and water plants. To create a natural green land, this building also concentrates on plant levels and green area efficiencies, so that the seasonal sights can be formed.
  • Wanhao International Apartment is situated in the central area of the China World Trade Tower, which is a famous water edge building. The environment in this area is rather beautiful. And it is equipped with central garden, fountain, green lawn and some other natural sights. The colorful flowers and fresh air contribute to its beautiful environment.
  • Jianwai SOHO is situated on the East Third Wing Road (opposite of China World Trade Tower), which is called as “the most fashionable life kitchen” by the media. There are 20 buildings, 4 villas and 16 streets in this area, among which, 16 streets flow in the building areas occupying 1.7 million square meters and create a natural street culture.
  • European Continental Classic is defined as European classical construction, whose whole designs and regulations adopt century-old historical Baroque style and building standard. It’s natural and splendid feeling shows at the perfect combination between its pretty lines and abundant decoration materials.
  • Roman Garden is famous for its luxury and graceful style, which is centered on senior club and surrounded by 6 high buildings. The appearance forms a quiet, casual, private and classical garden. It looks like a bright star which combines with Yayuancun and Olympic physical education centre.
  • This project locates at the north of Asian biggest city parks Chaoyang Park and Wangfujing Parks, and at the south of the beautiful Red Scarf Park. Its courtyard theme garden and sunken plaza are unique in the commercial areas of Beijing. Besides, the green hall and green underground garage are collected together perfectly.
  • This project is located at the south of CBD, which has a simple but exquisite and decent style. CBD area is a social community which has unique traditional style in Beijing, and it has called as the first “Han clothes” Community. It shows the Chinese construction beauty principles of "simple, humanized, natural and confluent" actually.
  • Kangbao Garden locates near the Worker's Stadium, which is the cross position of Yansha commercial area, east fourth ring road commercial area, CBD commercial area and China World Trade Commercial Circle. There are two legation quarters close to this area. In addition, the artful and smart courtyard creates a theory subject which mixes modern and traditional elements together.
  • Edinburgh Residence of R & F locates between Yansha commercial area and China World Trade commercial circle, at the north legation quarter and the south of CBD commercial area. It has slap-up and gentle environment and thick human atmosphere. Besides, the large central garden in it which is made by international famous designer looks rather harmonious.
  • Beijing Garden locates at Yansha legation quarter and has a pure European style and French garden sight, contributing to make it a regional classic actually. There are many first-rate villas in this area, which have sedate appearance and relevant busy or quiet atmosphere. Besides, Beijing Garden also has splendid and elegant manners.

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