Ten Chinese Martial Arts Schools with Best Public Praise in China

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About the Ranking
Good public praise could be regarded as an important criterion for judging a company or school. For those foreigners who want to find a good martial arts school in China, we have evaluated ten schools with the best public praise, hope it helpful for your decision making.
  • As Shaolin Temple becomes more and more popular in China, it has also gained increasing reputation in the world. As the bases for many famous kungfu films in China, it is not famous for its kungfu courses, but also for its oriental environment.
  • In China, it has the best school for Tai Chi Chuan learning. Each year there will be numerous foreigners studying in it. Located at the birth place of Tai Chi Chuan, it offers the students more besides high-qualified teaching.
  • With strict management, complete teaching and training facilities and first-class teaching success, it has been the first choice for students who want to learn Chinese martial arts in China, and the number of students it owns is also large.
  • In the Northeast part of China, it is the best school for studying shaolin kungfu. Many of the teachers in it are masters of Shaolin kungfu, which has made it a great attraction for foreigners.
  • Because of its comfortable environment and unique decoration, it has become very popular among foreigner in Shanghai and China. The various courses it offers and some experienced coaches are also very famous.
  • In china, it has become a base for training young kungfu stars. As many films have been made here, it has won a good reputation for its high-qualified teaching and study environment.
  • Located at the foot of Jigong Mount, it is famous for its graceful environment, temperature climate and excellent communication. As a cultural and martial comprehensive boarding school, it has also cultivated numerous champions.
  • During the years’ development, it has been recognized by the society for its teaching and management method. With its strong strength, it has opened four schools in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • Founded in 1994, it is the unique professional martial school managed and instructed by the masters from Shaolin Temple in the three provinces of Northeast China.
  • It is a school founded by a famous martial educationalist who inherited from Shaolin Haideng Master. With a close relation with Shaolin Temple, it is famous for its Shaolin kungfu.

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