Top Five Most Popular Chinese Martial Arts Schools in Beijing

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About the Ranking
As the capital of China, Beijing has become the major city for foreigner to live and work. And more and more people have come to learn Chinese and martial arts in it. According to the history, public praise and strength of each school, we evaluated five most popular martial arts school in Beijing.
  • As the martial arts base of Beijing Sports University, it is a comprehensive school which cultivates multi-skill talents melting the civil and military, film and television stunt as a whole. With brand-new management pattern, first-class teachers, scientific training method, harmonious and beautiful teaching environment, it has trained multitudinous outstanding talented people for China, deeply evaluated by people from all walks of life.
  • Founded in 1991, it is a Chinese martial arts school approved by the relevant authorities in China. It offers various levels of courses for students of different age. Located in the downtown area of Beijing, it pays most it attention to the improvement of quality of teaching and management. During years’ development, it has cultivated numerous excellent students in the field of Wushu.
  • Founded in 1993, it has offered various training course related with Wushu for people from different regions and country. And the achievements it has gained are also recognized widely by public. Owning a group of experienced coaches, it runs different courses according to the needs of different learners. With a wide exchange with international schools, it has been known by more and more people.
  • Sponsored by the Shaolin Temple, it is able to help its students to learn the most authentic Shaolin Kungfu. Taking spreading of Chinese culture as its main task, it offers various courses which can fulfill its task and let the students develop in a comprehensive way. All the Wushu courses are taught by the masters from Shaolin Temple, which has become the main attraction for it.
  • Founded upon the approval of superior educational departments, it offers both basic education and martial arts training programs for learners in China and the world. Since its establishment, it has been fully loaded with all kinds of honors. The students in it have won many prizes in some national and international martial arts competitions.

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