Ten Chinese Musical Instruments Which Foreigners are Most Interested in

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A large part of Chinese traditional culture can be reflected in various exquisite musical instruments. With the wide transmission of Chinese culture, more and more foreigners want to know more about the knowledge of Chinese musical instruments. Do you want to know what Chinese musical instruments foreigners like?
  • Horse head string instrument is the representative instrument of Mongolia nationality. It not only occupies a space in the world, but also the favorite instrument of folk artisans. The music played by the horse head string instrument is deep, boorish and inspiring. It can reflect the lifestyle and the grassland style of the Mongolia nationality.
  • The two-stringed Chinese fiddle dates from Tang dynasty and it has a history of over 1,000 years. The timbre of two-stringed Chinese fiddle is soft and lyric. The sound emitted from two-stringed Chinese fiddle likes the singing of people. In some famous musical performances of China, “the moon over a fountain” is a classic work that will be handed on from age to age.
  • As a kind of the most ancient Chinese musical instruments, the history of Koto can be traced back to the Warring States Period or even earlier. A lot of ancient litterateurs used the most graceful verse to express the mellow and full timbre of Koto.
  • In China, the lute has a developing history of 4,000 years. Whether the lute is being performed a slow and placid melody, or it is being performed a hurried melody, you can appreciate the specific characteristics of it. Besides, the lute is good at imitate the various sounds of the nature. And it can bring the listeners into a world where there is full of bird’s twitter and flower potpourri.
  • Chime was a percussion instrument in ancient China. It is made of bronze. Its large size and multivariate sound can fully reflect the wisdom of the Chinese ancient laboring people.
  • From ancient to modern times, big drum has always been a folk musical instrument liked by various nationalities’ people. In ancient times, it was used in the occasions of fete, military, dancing, drama, entertainment and festival, etc.
  • So-na is a national wind instrument which has a long history and plentiful performing skills. The sound it emits is loud and sonorous, soft and hard. So-na Trumpet was widely used in marriage, mourning, wedding, ceremony, festival, etc.
  • Wooden knocker was used to be an accompanying instrument of religion songs. It is quite popular in the various regions of China and folk bands. Wooden knocker has a long history. It was introduced into China with Buddhism and has always been used in temple as musical instrument of Buddhism.
  • Wooden clapper is a percussion instrument. It came into vogue at the end of Ming dynasty and the beginning of Qing dynasty with the local opera. It was widely used in various folk bands, such as Hebei pang-tzu, South pang-tzu, Zhui pang-tzu and Qin pang-tzu.

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