Four Drama Academies with the Longest History of Theatrical Departments in China

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The traditional culture of China has always been the favor of foreigners. Their old-line histories and unique form of expression are all arts. If you want to learn the Chinese drama and relevant content, the following drama academies will be your best choices.
  • The dramatic literature department of The Central Academy of Drama has been founded for over 50 years. A lot of famous experts and scholars have been taught in this school. This department has 3 majors: Drama, Film and TV Literature, Theatrical Research of Drama and TV Drama Program Creation. For the past many years, it has cultivated lots of literary and artistic talents. Their works of art have won lots of national highest-level prizes.
  • The literature department of Shanghai Theatre Academy China is one of the earliest departments in this academy. For the past 40 years, this department has cultivated several hundreds of core artistic and theatrical talents. Currently, the literature theatre has 3 majors: dramatic literature, art management and art education. There are 10 professors, 4 associate professors and 9 lecturers in this department.
  • The literature department of Beijing Film Academy has begun to open undergraduate teaching in 1960. Currently, it has opened lots of majors, such as 4-year theatrical film and TV literature major, 2-year higher vocational education, 2-year film and TV creation, film history and theory, film esthetics, Chinese film history, foreign film history and film and TV transmission theory. Now, there are over 100 graduate students, undergraduate students and other various kinds of students for advanced studies.
  • The skit department of The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts was founded in 1980. For the past many years, it has cultivated numerous creational and management talents of dramatic literature. The graduates have made great achievements in the current literature and art realm. As the only teaching institute which mainly engages in training dramatic creation talents, skit department’s development has important influence to the inheritance and innovation of Chinese dramatic literature.

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