Five Universities with the Most Beautiful Campuses in Wuhan

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Studying in a beautiful university will make your schooldays in China more unforgettable and meaningful. As a beautiful city in the middle of China, Wuhan naturally has a number of universities with beautiful environment. Some are situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream, some are simple and beautiful, some are romantic and lovely. All of them may make you don’t want to return.
  • The cherry blossom of Wuhan University is the most beautiful scenery in the heart of Chinese people. This university surrounds the East Lake and sits on the Luojia Mountain. It covers an area of 5,167 mu. The building area is about 2520,000 square meters. 26 early buildings have been classified as “key national heritage conservation units”. In recent years, the law building, management building, foreign language building and computer building have been built and have become the landmark buildings of the new century.
  • Huazhong Normal University is one of the most beautiful universities in Wuhan. The university has undulating hills and shady trees. There is a large stretch of virgin forest in the east area of the school. In the north area, there are camphor tree forest and peach and plum garden. Besides, there is a large tract of redwood forest nearby the south gate. The campus of Huazhong Normal University is especially famous for its sweet osmanthus trees all over the mountain. On every September, the whole campus is filled with the smell of the sweet osmanthus. And this has been its particular feature.
  • Zhongnan University of Economics and Law locates at the lakefront of South Lake. It covers an area of 3,100 mu. The total building area is over 1020,000 square meters. The council house can compare beauty with professional theater. The campus has shaded trees and rippling silver lake. Whether in the hot summer or romantic autumn, you can feel the breeze besides the lake.
  • The characteristic sculpture, the ancient campus and the boundless area form the beautiful scenery of South-Central University for Nationalities. This university is a comprehensive nationalities university directly attached to State Ethnic Affairs Commission. It locates at the lakefront of Wuhan South Lake. South-Central University for Nationalities was founded in 1951. It covers an area of 1446 mu. The trees make a pleasant shade on the campus. There is fragrance of flower in all the four seasons. The modern buildings and the national characters fuse into one. All these have formed the beautiful environment of the university.
  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology sits at the foot of Yujia Mountain, the lakefront of East Lake. This school covers an area of over 7,000 mu. The campus has luxuriantly green trees, a carpet of green grass and elegant environment. The green percentage of the school reaches over 90% and it is titled as “University in Forest”. The predecessor of the school was Huazhong Engineering College founded in 1953. It is the first batch of key universities listed on Chinese “211 Project” and “985 Project”.

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