Top Ten Well-known Skiing Resorts in Beijing

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With the fall of the first snow in the capital earlier this month, Beijing's ski resorts threw open their doors for those looking to hit the slopes. Currently, the capital is home to 10 ski resorts, most of which are scattered throughout the topographically tumultuous outskirts. And now, there are enough establishments that they are trying to differentiate themselves in order to grab their own niche of the skiing market.
  • This place has a 2,300-meter-long trail for motorcycles in addition to five other trails. There are also facilities for sleighing, bungee jumping and ice lake trekking. How to get there: Badaling Expressway, Badaling Great Wall exit, driving 2 kilometers west of the Wall. 8am-5:30pm.
  • Six lanes are 80 meters at the widest and 1,000 meters at the longest. Its skiing field faces south, enabling the skiers to bath in sunlight and avoid harsh winds. Facilities include a restaurant, a hot spring bath and a snow sauna. How to get there: It is 80 kilometers from the city. Madianqiao-Badaling Speedway-9th exit to Yanqing-Longqingxia. 8:30am-5:30pm.
  • There are 11 slopes, not including waves slopes, and Mogul and motorcycle trails for children. You can stay in European-styled villas with fireplaces. How to get there: Nanshan sits south of Miyun County, 62 kilometers from Wanghe Bridge. Take Jingcheng Expressway-5th exit to Shunmi Lu and turn right. 8:30am-5:30pm.
  • Eight lanes range from beginner to professional levels. There's one snow motorcycle track and one 1.5-kilometer-long trekking trail, in addition to a U-turn trail for single board skiing. How to get there: Jingcheng Expressway-Miyun County exit-Xiwongzhuangzhen.
  • In addition to skiing areas, there are facilities for ice climbing and archery. The ski resort adjoins Mutianyu Great Wall. How to get there: Jingcheng Expressway-Huairou District-Yanqi Lake- kilometers north to get to 548 Hefangkou Village, Huaibei. 8:30am-5:30pm.
  • Seated in a valley of the Taihang Mountains, this ski resort is shielded from the wind. It has a good coverage of virgin forest, and one can have a look at the nearby Yunju Temple. How to get there: Jingshi Expressway-Fangshan exit-Zhangfangzhen, Fangshan District.
  • You can rent a Mongolian yurt here to experience the nomadic lifestyle. Illumination systems make night skiing fun. How to get there: Badaling Expresway-hot spring vacation areas of Xiaotangshan, Changping District, 30 kilometers from Beijing. 8am-6pm, 5pm-10pm.
  • Located near The Ming Tombs in Changping District, it is surrounded by mountains on all sides. There are two 500-meter-long lanes for intermediate and advance skiers, and three 380-meter-long lanes for beginners. 8:30am-5pm. How to get there: 13C exit of Badaling Expressway-Xiguan Traffic Isle-head north for 5 kilometers, turn left at Tailingyuan Crossroad, drive another 800 meters.
  • Located in Zhangzhen, Shunyi District, the resort is only 30 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport. There are seven skiing lanes, in addition to fields for motorcycles and snow football. How to get there: Airport Expressway-Shunyi-Zhangzhen. 8am-5pm, 6-10pm.
  • Named after Ye Qiaobo, the 1991 short-track speed skating world champion, the center is open for skiers year-round. The beginners' trail is 200 meters long, and the intermediate and advanced trails are 300 meters long. There are areas for single boards, snow loops and places for just playing in the snow. Restaurant, bar and massage are available. How to get there: Jingshun Lu/Airport Expressway-Shunyi-Chaobaihe National Forest Park. 9:30am-10pm during weekdays.10am-10pm on weekends.

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