Top 8 Popular Antique Markets in Beijing

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There are some antique markets in Beijing and the following are the most famous ones. If you are lucky, you can buy valuable Chinese antiques in the market with a competitive price.
  • Come to this market to bargain for life sized terracotta warriors, vintage photographs, porcelain vases and figurines, caligraphy scrolls and much more. The best time to buy is early morning on weekends.
  • This crowded hutong has a history that stretches back to the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, and is a great place to go for the traditional "four treasures of the study": calligraphy brushes, inks, ink stones and paper
  • Besides a large range of Ming and Qing style furniture, this large market sells ancient porcelain, jade, old clocks and watches, paintings, carpets, ornaments and more.
  • The biggest centre for curio trade in Asia, the charm of Curio City is that many of the stalls are run by people who have a real collector's love of what they do, rather than being just shop assistants.
  • Also known as "Hard Bargain House," Hong Qiao is neatly arranged into sections on the various floors, and after its mid-1990s renovation is a place you can buy almost anything.
  • Located in the south of Beijing, it has become an important market for old books, traditional Chinese paintings, stamps, ancient currency and antiques.
  • Traditional Chinese style furniture, ornaments, Chinese paintings and calligraphy can be found at this Beijing market along with a large selection of old currency.
  • There are actually dozens of places in Beijing to buy antiques, cool kitschy reproductions, and what can only be described lovingly as "tat." Here are the four of the biggest

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