Top 8 Beijing Modern Shopping Department Stores

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Shopping is a must thing you should do when you come to Beijing. The following will provide you with some useful information of modern shopping centers in Beijing.
  • Shoes, Qipaos, evening dresses, casual wear and others of the latest fashions from around the world can be found there, along with plenty of eating options. With its location next to a subway and offices, it is a firm favorite in town.
  • Everything is brought together there from make-up, clothing outlets and shoe stores under the first roof. And anything you could ever need for the kitchen, furniture, stationery and Chinese-style mementoes will be found there following the escalators upwards. If you want to look out for bars, restaurants and a supermarket, go downstairs.
  • Another large, spacious mall in the Sanlitun area of town is to provide for your every need. A large cosmetics department is set up there, and several floors of clothing for men, women and children and all sorts of household accessories and restaurants cater for every taste.
  • It is a mall with a twist. Many swear by its extensive range of high-end cosmetics and a popular membership programme offers rewards based on the amount you spend. Clothing, household goods and a basement grocery complete the picture.
  • Sogo is particularly popular amongst young office ladies for its fashions and regular discounts, plus its convenient location next to a subway. A well-stocked food court is another major draw. And the SEGA World section is children’s favorite.
  • The embarrassment of retail riches is continued there, the spacious interior offers even the choosiest shopper top line brands from which to choose. Chinese and foreign name brands and stylish, high-end products are amongst the highlights.
  • You will get the first impression of The Malls at Oriental Plaza near bustling Wangfujing that it is the sheer diversity of goods on offer when you arrive there aside from its enormous size. Whether you are looking for the latest fashion, stocking up on sports gear or on the lookout for a state-of-the-art computer, chances are enough there and you will find that you return with a big satisfaction. As you were looking forwards, there is no shortage of eating options too.
  • To offers well-ordered outlets stocking everything from high fashion to casual and formal gear as well as plenty of jewellery to browse. A Park'n Shop outlet and a Watsons on the ground floor make it an excellent one-stop shop for the busy urbanite.

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