Five Most Popular Shopping Streets among Beijing People

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There are numerous shopping streets in Beijing. The following five shopping streets are Peking men’s proud boast.
  • “Climb the Great Wall, tour the National Palace Museum, eat roast duck, visit Xiushui", Beijing Xiushui Street has become many foreign and domestic visitors’ landmark together with the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Beijing duck, which are all “Beijing symbols”. In Xiushui Street, you can buy the quality clothes in “Exquisite corridor”; you can also find novel foreign trade order goods. Besides, Xiushui Street has already become the biggest market with the most China’s time-honored brands such as Quanjude, Tong Ren Tang, Qian Xiang Yi, Neiliansheng, Shengxifu, etc. The world-famous “Silk Street” has been maintained well. The 5 square meters’ handicraft article stall can bring you a nice income. Many foreign honored guests bring their wives to Xiushui for its elegant scenery.
  • Xidan Shopping Street is one of the most famous traditional commercial districts in Beijing. There are over 200,000 visitors come to Xidan Shopping Street every day. Currently, Xidan Shopping Area has many large-scale modern bazaars such as Xidan bazaar, Xidan Shopping Center, Xidan Saite bazaar, Zhongyou department store, etc. It also has many Beijing’s famous shops such as “Guixiangcun” food shop, Wanli shoes shop, “Wanchanghou” tea house, etc. The center of the commercial street is entertainment plaza; the underground area consists of restaurant, market, movie theater, bowling alley, swimming pool, Xidan cultural square, etc. It has become the biggest cultural recreational spot.
  • Wangfujing Street starts from the Chang’an Street in the south to the National art gallery in the north. The overall length is about 3 li. It is the most famous commercial area in Beijing. Wangfujing Street has articles of daily use, hardware electrical materials and appliances, clothing, shoes and hats, diamond and jewelry, gold and silver jewelry, etc. There are almost 1 million visitors who have been here from the morning to the night every day.
  • Longfu Temple locates between Dongsi North Street of east-city district and gallery East Street. The street is about 600 meters long and has 550 years’ business history. From the middle period of Ming dynasty, Longfu Temple has been a famous “money-burning” place. At the end of Qing dynasty, there were always unnumbered people at every temple fair. The target customers of Longfu Temple fair have gradually shifted to the under layer of the society. At Longfu Temple Folk Culture Street, you can eat various local flavor snacks of Beijing and enjoy the folk opera of old Beijing.
  • Dongdan Silver Street refers to the road from Dongdan to Dongsi. It has the name “Noble Street” in that there are lots of brand-name clothing specialty stores here. Some stores here are very cool, some are enchanting, some are delicate and luxurious, and some are simple and generous. The clothing style here is diversifying. Walking on the street, you may feel that you are making a pilgrimage.

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