Top Ten Software Outsourcing Companies with Largest Size in China

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About the Ranking
In the past several years, with the increasingly demand of foreign enterprises about Service Outsourcing, the Chinese Service Outsourcing market has been achieving its rapid development
  • Since the foundation in 1991, the business line of Neusoft Corporation has covered Industry Solution, Engineered Solution and other related software products, stages or services. With a total of more than 15,000 employees and 8 regional headquarters, now Neusoft has become the leader of Chinese Software Outsourcing Industry.
  • Beyodsoft is the one-up IT Service Outsourcing Company in Asia, it offers IT consultation, the development and maintenance of application programs and services of ERP and BPO (business workflow outsourcing) for international clients. The General Headquarter of Beyondsoft is situated in Beijing, while its Branches and Research Institutions are located in some China major cities, and the Delivery Centers are also distributed in America, Japan, Singapore and India.
  • Worksoft Creative Software Technology Ltd. was founded in 1995, which offers research and development, enterprise solution, the development and maintenance of application software, quality assurance and measure, localization and globalization, infrastructure construction outsourcing, business workflow outsourcing and other services for clients. Its branches has been covered many cities, such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Dalian, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Malaysia, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco and London.
  • As a top-ranking international IT Outsourcing Service supplier, the major business of Hisoft has covered enterprise application service, suit solution of enterprise, product engineering service and technological and solution services. The coverage of its service areas has been spread to China, Japan, America, Singapore and Mexico.
  • Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1996. It deals with development of applied computer software, system integration, software outsourcing service, embedded software, BPO service, ITO service, IT education or training and other business areas. Its branches are located in Beijing, Jinan, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Japan and America.
  • Chinasoft International Limited commits itself to comprehensive consulting service, software development, system integration, software measure, software localization, enterprise application platform construction and maintenance, IT service outsourcing and business workflow outsourcing. It was established in 2000, and it has over ten branches, agencies and research institutions.
  • Camelot Information Systems Limited focuses on technical consultation and service, development and implement of application solution, enterprise business outsourcing and other heart businesses. With a 13-year-old development, Camelot Information Systems Limited has set up its branches in 5 major cities in China and created good relationship with other related enterprises.
  • Insigma Technology focuses on software development, its business ranges from software project management to electrical and mechanical works outsourcing, from domestic IT service to international Quantitative Finance. By means of the excellent corporate image and widely social acceptation, it has developed into one of the major software outsourcing suppliers which covers whole major cities in China.
  • Shanghai Wicresoft Limited was founded in 2002. As a top-ranking ITO and BPO Services supplier in China, it offers professional technology and service solution for many industry-leading companies. Its covering range includes high tech, communication industry, manufacture, distribution and retail trade. Now, there are 7 major operating centers and 2500 employees in the world.
  • It was founded in 1994, and its major service areas include software product development, related supporting service of solution. As the most important development base of NEC, NEC-AS has been expanding its size and has established development centers in Shanghai and Xi’an. Now it has received widely acceptations.

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