Top Five Customer Service Outsourcing Companies with the Most Call Center Agents in Beijing

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About the Ranking
The outsourcing services of call center have been an irreversible global trend which is an effective method of saving resources for companies. It is believed the following 5 outsourcing companies with the most call center agents will offer you with efficient and effective services.
  • Beijing Online Communication Technology Limited has 1200 to 1500 seats in total and can facilitate your operational management and equipment maintenance.The outsourcing of call center agents includes customer service personnel, business operations management, data management, venues, seating facilities, call center equipment, software, and communication lines.
  • As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Unicom, Zhongrong Information Service Company engages in call centers as the representative of BOP services and related value-added services with an area of 17000 square meters and 3000 call center agents developed from 500 3 years ago. It is the first call center industry base company in Beijing with its rich experience in outsourcing of call center services, HRO and consultation.
  • The platform of company’ contact center can support 100 call centers simultaneously and can expand to more than 200 agents in a short time. Founded in 2004, Xinyuan Prime Technology Ltd. is a joint venture of Beijing Xinyuan Public Information Development Cor. Ltd. which is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom and Hong Kong Ying Tai Wei Ye Group. At the present, its customers are from different sectors like telecommunications, financial services, tourism, manufacturing, food industry.
  • The corporation owns more than 10 trunk lines and 630 agents which can support the Internet services for around 500 thousand people. In addition, the VIP room with 30 or 40 agents can meet different needs of different customers with separated space.
  • Infobird Software Company is a leader among all the call centers in the Internet world. And Alibaba Call Center is the core system of its electronic business trade and service. It was built with 448 agents in March 2005 and expanded to 688 agents in April, and then it achieved 1300 agents till now.

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