Ten Professional Website Development Tech Companies in Beijing

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For the foreign enterprises hoping to catch development in China, owning a good website is the key. There are 10 website development companies as follows, which have talent ranks of developing professional websites and professional service items.
  • It was founded in 1996 and it’s an international famous service supplier for professional Internet operation. The company establishes program development department, system management department, item management department, art design department, and market selling department. Till the year 2008, the number of enterprise users has reached nearly 500,000. It is one of the largest Internet application service suppliers.
  • The company was founded in 2001. Till now, it has offered website construction service for over 300 clients, which involves enterprise websites, comprehensive portal websites, professional electronic commerce etc. The excellent groups of website development and design and professional project management made it a possible to build a effective information communication stage between clients and users.
  • Huicui Interconnect Co., Ltd. operates directly in the mainland of China. It is a professional company which engages in enterprise website construction, web database building and development. The various website service categories involve web construction, web scheme, artistic web design, homepage-making and software program development.
  • Beijing Tuopu High-tech Co., Ltd is the website developer admitted by Chinese Internet Association, it serves professional website scheme, website design, website making, website popularization and other related web products. The 6-year-old searching and accumulation has gathered many clients in every work of life.
  • Beijing Huonet Web Tech Co., Ltd. owns independent software copyright. The software enterprise and products have been admitted by Beijing Science & Technology Committee, it is a world’s leading facilitator. Huonet serves website scheme, enterprise wbsite construction, web marketing, electronic commerce solution and electronic government affairs for many kinds of enterprises.
  • Beijing Chenzhiheng Cultural Transmission Co., Ltd. deals with website design, software development, web marketing and popularization, visual image design. It owns international-level technical power, high qualified webpage designer, principle engineer, web procedure engineer and has served website construction services for many embassies, Beijing offices and famous enterprises.
  • Beijing Haigui Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech Internet service enterprise. It begins with high-tech and owns a high qualified technology research rank and the top-ranking technical power of website construction, software development, web construction, system integration, informative system and electronic consultant and informative solution.
  • Beijing Shilongda Tech Co., Ltd. owns rich experience in website construction and popularization and offers website making, website popularization services. The client areas cover electronic commerce, immigration, and freight and business trade. The items of the company include website design, construction and popularization.
  • Long Century was founded in 2003. It deals with website construction, Internet technology application and exploration and offers the electronic commerce stage for enterprises. It owns independent functional research skills and has cooperated with some famous enterprises as Beijing Bank.
  • This company was founded in 2003 and its enrollment funds reach ten million. The software enterprise and products have been admitted by Beijing Science & Technology Committee. As a developer and facilitator of professional website management and software development, Hai City Company offers portal website solution, B2G and B2B transaction software system for some large enterprises, media industries and government institutions.

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