Ten Best Design Companies for Product Design in Beijing

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About the Ranking
Excellent product design shows the soul of a product and has a propagandistic effect for enterprise. To step into China, having personalized products and service is really very important. As the capital of China, Beijing possesses an array of outstanding design companies actually.
  • Beijing LKK Design Company was founded in November, 2004. It has been offering product design, structure design, UI design and brand design for many famous brands at home or abroad and developing enterprises. Till now, its major services cover digital electric, medical instrument, equipment, fashionable consumption and public facilities. It also has established good partnership with some of the world’s top 500 enterprises, such as Samsung, Nokia, and Siemens.
  • Exmade Design is one of the best industry design companies. As the important part of DRC in Beijing, Exmade Design achieves outstanding results in IT product design, new concept digital product design and solar energy product design. Especially in market research, product design, manufacture design, model product and follow-up service, Exmade Design has perfect performance.
  • PER-Design was founded in 2001 and owns nearly 30 elites in total. It’s a diversified and international large-scale product design and consultant service supplier which receives much honor in China. It adopts the international standard and operates actively, offering one-stop design service of market research, shape design, structure design, software design, circuit layout, mould processing, mass producing and assembling.
  • Gahoo Design was founded in 1981 and it’s one of the five design companies in Japan, it is the most influenced comprehensive design service institution. Gahoo specializes in industry design, graphic design, enterprise image (CI, VI) design and other related services. Its design has covered nearly all the products in industry, commerce, medicine and civilian use.
  • Dongdao has been receiving much honor for its international design concept and practicing operation, it is the senior company in China for enterprise image. The general headquarter is established in Beijing, besides, it also builds several offices at home or abroad. Dongdao Design Company has won many prizes in some native and foreign VI design or Logo design competitions, so it has rich experiences in offering for big customers.
  • As one of the professional design companies in Beijing, Sense Perception Industrial Design Co., Ltd. offers technical product design services ranging from product design and research, design strategy, concept design to operation-supported product design service. It adopts advanced design theory and makes certain of marketing locate, offering complete product design solution and operation insurance.
  • As the first design company which possesses mode modify and product processing center in Beijing, SR Design is one of the strongest industrial design companies in China. It concentrates on supplying one-stop service and its contents cover the complete procedure—product design, industrial product modeling, products’ structure design, manufacturing model and model development.
  • Kiomo was created by a returned student and a honored designer, this company has international viewpoint actually and can be able to catch the newest product information and the advanced design concepts of every countries. It focuses on the systemic industrial design services.
  • XYD Design possesses the first-class rank of designers and a strong consultant group. In the past 9 years, it has swept over 80 prizes at home or abroad. It specializes in solving product outer design, structure design problems.
  • SCBW Design is a design consultant company seeking for high qualified service. Since its foundation in 2006, the company has been offering product outer design, structure design, UI interface design and brand package design for many famous brands at home or abroad. Now its services have covered medical instruments, equipments, digital telecommunication, fashionable consumption and public facilities.

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