Five Software Companies with the Most Professional Management Software Outsourcing Service in Guangzhou

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  • Array (Guangzhou) is the first research and development base set up by America Inc. in the Chinese mainland. It has a professional software engineers’ team and a set of advanced service system to provide the customers with the professional software service and lifetime maintenance service. At the same time, it has global competitive advantage to provide the customers with software service supports. All the engineers have many years’ management software development experience.
  • This company has excellent technology team, religious service procedure and strict quality control system. The independent research products of this company include Aide personal market management software, all-purpose card entrance guard management software, teaching management software, etc. It can make the suitable high-quality and personalized software products for the customers.
  • It is famous for its efficient development team. The members of the team have years of professional experience and precise work attitudes. It has accumulated rich experience in high-end software technology research and development and consultation services. The business emphasis of this company is to make suitable software according to the actual conditions of the customers. The customizing range covers the information platform, enterprise information portal information management, office automation system, etc.
  • In Guangzhou, it is a professional company specializing in software outsourcing, website construction, network promotion and management software supply. The core business of this company is technology service. On this basis, it provides many other information services, such as industrial application software and service, management consultation and investigation, software development, etc. It has released numerous kinds of management software.
  • It has a high-quality and efficient management team and numerous experienced experts. It has nearly 10,000 square meters’ modern working environment. Besides, it is equipped with advanced software developing and testing equipments. Due to the past years’ services to the customers of telecommunications, government, securities and bank, this company has accumulated rich industrial experience and project operation experience.

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