Five Most Popular Mountains to Appreciate the Clouds in China

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Because of the geography and vapor, mountains are always surrounded by fog, and the fog and cloud has become a scenic view in many famous mountains. The following are the most ideal mountains to appreciate the cloud and fog.
  • The cloud is the first scenic view in Yellow Mountain. The fog and cloud make the mountain like a heaven. The mountain and the cloud integrate each other perfectly and in the mountain, you will fully relax yourself like in the paradise. From November to next May, you will see the most magnificent scenery here. The mountain and the cloud integrate each other perfectly.
  • There is a cloud sea in the mountain. It controls the mountain, making it a chaos world or a black and dangerous place. From time to time, the cloud likes thousands square kilometers of cotton, or boundless sea, or a jade belt wore by rich people. Come and enjoy it.
  • The sea of cloud here consists of low cloud. More than 330 days in a year you can find dark fog here. With its own features, the cloud is changeable just like a heaven or the universal salvation.
  • The sea of the cloud is one of most famous sceneries in Taiwan. Autumn is the best time to appreciate the view there. The mountain and the cloud are formed into a natural picture which attracts people’s eyes firmly. You will be touched by the beautiful picture after the sunrise.
  • It is a good place to watch the cloud and fog. Climbing on the top of the mountain, you can see the cloud coming like traveling on the cloud. Sunrise is the most beautiful time to appreciate the cloud.

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