Top 10 Suitable Lakes for Fishing in China

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Besides for the beautiful sceneries of the lakes, fishing can be another kind of enjoyment in the trip. If conditions allowed, lay down your own rod and bait to the lake, perhaps you will get a more interesting trip. The following we would like to recommend you the best lakes in China for enjoying fishing.
  • International Fishing Center of Taihu Lake has been successfully held several International Fishing Festivals. Every year on October 10, fishing enthusiasts gathered in Taihu Lake Sea at large fishing art enhanced mutual friendship. This is the place the fishing enthusiasts longed for. Beer garden hotel of the center can remove the fishing enthusiasts' fear of room and board.
  • What a pure lake! With rolling hills, lush forests. The Qiandao Lake’s delicacy is famous for the fresh fish. The lake rich in 85 kinds of fish, and wild animals in the great forest all are difficult to eat in the cities. The fish tasting hall on the town is the freshwater fish center of China.
  • The Yangcheng Lake (Lake Yangcheng) lies between Lake Taihu and the Yangtze River and borders three county-level cities under Suzhou’s jurisdiction, it is a freshwater lake and is well known for one of its aquatic produces – Da Zha Xie, a Chinese mitten crab.
  • The Hulun Lake, also called the Dalai Lake, is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China and the largest lake in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Tourists can enjoy an all-fish feast with various delicious and nourishing dishes of fish. Moreover, observing how local people catch fish under the ice during winter season is another attraction to tourists.
  • The Nanbei Lake is very famous in the southeast part of the China for its uniqueness and attractiveness. It not only becomes the backyard of Shanghai but also the sister of the West Lake in Hangzhou. The Nanbei Lake embraces a spectacular tract of hill-lake-and-sea scenery in southeastern China. No matter boating or fishing here, it will be a joy.
  • Another name is ‘Wigeon Lake Swamp Nature Reserve’ and it is located in the northwest of Beijing. The area includes neighboring Guanting reservoir in YangqingCounty. Here, at an elevation of 485 meters above sea level, both reservoirs hold large stocks of fish and shrimp. Over 234 swan species have been reported here with the likes of Black Stork, Oriental Stork, Common Crane, Golden Eagle and Great Bustard all being annual.
  • Mount Tianzi and Mulan Lake is the only scenic tour zone that provides service of drifting in Wuhan, where water from rock cavity flies downward and penetrates wood and brook. The water area of the Mulan Lake is quite large, the water in the lake is very clear, and the water quality is fine. The racing boats on the lake are interesting, fishing, rowing and swimming in the water is very pleased indeed.
  • Wo Niu Lake Scenic Area is located in Heihe City, in winter, it covered by snow and ice for thousands of miles; it is a great place to appreciate snow and your best choice for skiing, especially for the tourists from the south. In summer, here is the ideal place for summer resort with 24 centigrade degree. You can also feel the atmosphere of Russian people along the Sino-Russian boundary.
  • QingyuantianLake is not only a water storage project, but also a landscape project. Magnificent dam, the sparkling water, reflected the forest, mountains, blue sky and white clouds, add radiance to each other. Visitors always taste tea and fish here, leisure a lot.
  • The artificial lake, build along the mountains and valleys, 13 kilometers long, the water storage capacity is 6340 cubic meters. During the summer, the magical wind is refreshing and pleasant, with an average temperature of only 29 degrees, it’s a good place to go fishing and spend a holiday in summer.

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