Top 8 Most Well-received Golf Clubs in Beijing

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Beijing is an international metropolis and there are many great golf clubs for the golf lovers. The following are the most wee-received golf clubs in Beijing, if you are interested, you may have a try.
  • It has a good location and convenient transportation network. The course is somewhat difficult for the average golfer and has an island green. Together with the fountains, bridges, pavilions, many usual trees and silver lined beaches, it s a unique landscape. There are many trees in the course, strewed with colorful flowers. The fountains, bridges and pavilions are laid randomly in the terrain, which makes a pleasant view.
  • Beijing Haolin Golf Club lies in Chaoyang distrct of CBD commercial area, very convenient on traffic. The practice ground consists of 52 hits, and is 300 yards long. There are green, bunker, and water hazards etc, with beautiful environment, widen eyeshot, and wonderful grasses. It is equipped very good light systems for the fans that would like to play in the evening.
  • Designed by Benz & Poellot, well known American Golf Course Architect's, this 3000mu, 18-hole golf course plays to par 72 and is 7.101 yards longs. Inside this two million square meters area golf course facility, there is a driving range and 4 practice holes with professional instruction available for those who require private lessons. It is very easy to be distracted by the refreshing surroundings as you play through the undulating fairways.
  • This is 18-hole, 72 par 18 course was designed with the natural scenery of the bank of the Grant Canal, which highlights the magnificent simple, harmonious scenery. Total yardage is 6732 .You can see endless green grass and a pleasant river with a light breeze. There is a carpet of green grass and emerald vine trees.
  • Located in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, the course like a greet piece of green silk beside Jingjintang Express-way, which is 90 hectares, 72par and 7051(3544) yards. The 18 holes golf course designed by Mr.Scctt Miller, made the course a classic, like a Chinese royal garden .Water plays a big part in the course.
  • The course is 100 hectares, 72par and 6368 yards. The developers appointed the Australian company Graham Marsh Golf Design as golf course architect for this 18-hole golf course. The famous Graham Marsh team ensured that the final product accurately reflected Mr. Marsh`s own design philosophies and capitalizes on his in-depth knowledge of the game accumulated during 25 years as one of the game`s leading professionals.
  • International Golf Club was built by Japan Golf Promotion Inc, who has applied their expertise after the success of its first golf in Beijing in 1986. The Beijing International Golf Club, with its challenging 18-hole, 72 par course offers an exciting round of pay for professionals and amateurs alike. The Beijing International Golf Club is a world of its own with international class service, deluxe amenities, and splendid views.
  • Beijing Links Golf Club is the first golf club in downtown Beijing, which is 72 par and 7004 yards. The convenient transportation allows you enjoy the elegant leisure time without feeling tired. Beijing links golf club includes a first-class luxury clubhouse of 6,000 square meters and 18-hole international golf course. The course is private with no visitors, and all the facilities here serve for members and other VIPs only.

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