Eight Popular Foreign Restaurants in Beijing

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In Beijing, there are many wonderful foreign restaurants which add another favor of food in Beijing. If you want to find an atmosphere of home, you may go to the following foreign restaurants.
  • You'll find generous portions of home-cooked fare served up in a Southern homestead atmosphere. The high quality service and the excellent atmosphere will make you pass a good time in the restaurant.
  • It offers huge servings of tasty American grub and great service.Come here when you feel the need for big burgers, roast chicken, ribs and salads, but don't expect gourmet offerings.
  • It is a very trendy Japanese Teppanaki restaurant with no door knob or doorbell. There is just a red light on a post that you have to wave your hand under to open it.
  • The food there is a combination of different taste and flavors, which are as exotic as the people of India. If you are interested in the Indian food, this restaurant is a good choice in Beijing.
  • Featuring traditional French cuisine including escargots and beef ribs in a red-wine marinade and prawn salad, Maxim’s de Paris is well-known for its classic style and exceptional service.
  • Der Landgraf is the only restaurant in China offering both high-quality authentic German food and a wide selection of German beers. The high quality service and the great decoration deserve you have a try.
  • Afunti is a sanitised Uighur restaurant that has established a reputation for excellent Uighur food. Since it is a bit of an institution in Beijing, tourists now outnumber locals.
  • They proudly serve only USDA Prime Beef for all of their steaks, including the filets and heir wine list is extensive with wines from around the world. If you have been bored the common dishes, you may have a try.

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