Beijing's Eight Restaurants with Authentic Italian Food

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Italian food is world famous and we can find Italian restaurants in every corner of the world. in Beijing, there are also many Italian restaurants and the following are the most tasty ones.
  • Located in the five-star restaurant, it serves the most original Italian cuisine. There are bands offering the live concert, suited for inviting the foreign guests and up-class social communication. And the cost is also quiet expensive, esp. red wine.
  • The warm and elegant designing style and the crystal louver create a romantic atmosphere for valentines. With a pure Italian style, the dishes here have a rich flavor. Any kinds of spaghetti, seafood, and some business settings are all quiet attractive.
  • The simple ambience with a pleasant tone is popular among the white-collar workers. The spaghetti here has a pure Italian flavor. The mozzarella cheese Pisa, the goose liver salad with rich sour sauce, and soup are all tasty.
  • Located in the international club hotel, here offers various Italian cuisine with both south and north flavor, such as the most famous SPINSINI spaghetti with the mysterious “Italian virgin oil”.
  • The pure flavor is welcomed by foreigners. Recommended dishes are cream mushroom soup, Caesar salad, the cheese spaghetti. Pisa can be cooked as one’s own flavor.
  • Different from the unusual north flavor, it has a strong Sicilian style. Decorated in a simple but warm pattern, the menu is varied but with high stander.
  • It is known by the original Italian Pisa, spaghetti, and the Australian steak. The quiet environment and the elegant European decoration style make a good place for inviting or dating.
  • You can eat the handmade Pisa here with the fresh ingredients and the unique salad sauce, and feel the western style in such a traditional Chinese garden. It also offers the Italian dumpling.

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