Six Famous Restaurants for You to Enjoy Traditional Chinese Food in Hangzhou

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As we all known, Hangzhou is world famous for its beautiful scenery; however, do you know the delicious food in Hangzhou? We recommend the following six restaurants which provide the traditional food in Hangzhou, if you go there, don’t forget have a taste.
  • As an old restaurant with great reputation in Hangzhou, it has been the first choice to eat for tourists. In it the guests can enjoy various snacks with authentic taste. The price of its dishes is a little high but you will know it deserves when you taste the dishes.
  • It is the best place for guests to enjoy local food in Hang Zhou. With affordable prices you can enjoy various kinds of food as much as possible. The restaurant is not luxuriously decorated but you will feel homelike when you are in it.
  • If you want to taste the most delicious noodles in south China,the Kui Yuan Guanis definitely the most proper one. Here you will taste all kinds of noodles in Hangzhou and the price is acceptable.
  • Located by the West Lake, it's well known for its "enjoying delicious food and picture together". The famous dishes such as "West Lake Vinegar Fish" and "Dongpo Meat" are well received by the customers.
  • With internal ancient decoration, it is a restaurant with a very good environment. The balcony on the second floor can let you enjoy your food under sunshine. The representative dish-Babao Yutou is absolute delicious.
  • Being famous for authentic Hang Zhou dish, it owns many special dishes. The taste of the dishes in it is suitable for guests with light taste. Because of its good environment and service, it is a good place for friends and families gatherings.

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