If You Like French Food, Try These French Restaurants in Beijing!

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French food is one of most delicious food in the world. In Beijing, there are some restaurants which provide orthodox French food, if you want to taste, you can have a look of following words.
  • It is the most authentic French restaurant with soft lighting, aged mural picture of Paris, typical church dome and flower glass, all of which display the Paris fashion. The food is even more attractive. Of course the high prices should be taken into your consideration before you go there.
  • As an old brand French restaurant, the sentiment, atmosphere and tastes here are all of pure French style. The delicious food and wine easily made you reminiscent.
  • It is one of the classical traditional French restaurants. Both its food and environment are first-class. The only place has gold kobe steak. You can enjoy the delicious food as well as warm atmosphere there.
  • This one has just been rated as “the most charming restaurant”. Actually, its elegant and quite environment is really attractive. With delicious food and high quality, it deserves its price.
  • The name of this restaurant made you couldn’t help thinking of French beauty. It is not gorgeous but do not lack of warmth. There, you can enjoy real southern French dishes.
  • This is a new “star” appeared in recent years. Its cook was said to be from Fulou. Lunch is cheaper than dinner here but the atmosphere in the evening is more suitable for dating.
  • The most distinguished thing in this restaurant is its wine exhibition counters which remind you of the cellar. It also provides orthodox French food which will make you remember for a long time.
  • Located on Changpu River, this restaurant has a distinguishing feature in Architecture. Its keynote is wooden color which mated with white tablecloth and silvery cutlery. Dining here will make you fell yourself as a romantic nobleman.
  • This is a real Parisian restaurant with a boss from French and the waiters speak French. Though you cannot understand the language, you can still enjoy the special food and the atmosphere. It uses wooden material as decorations.
  • It is a semi-self-service French restaurant with a variety choices and good tastes for you. You can choose what you like in the restaurant and will find it especially worthwhile if you are a desert-linker.

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