Top Ten Well-known Historical and Cultural Cities in China

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5,000 years history of Chinese nation is attracting an increasing number of tourists from all over the world. Visiting those historical cities allows you more directly contact with China and feel the ancient civilizations. Then which are the China’s famous historical and cultural cities?
  • An important city integrated the history of China Early. It is the auxiliary capital of the Liao, and the onetime capital of Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing. It is rich in cultural relic preservation on and in the ground. The world-famous Forbidden City, the People's Heroes Monument, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the North Sea, the Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, the Great Wall and China Man and revolutionary relics and other important historical relics were gathered in the Old City.
  • It is the provincial capital of Shaanxi Province. Chang-an was its original name. It is once the capital of Zhou, Qin, Han and other 11 dynasties. There are a large number of well-known historical sites such as E Panggong in Qin, Han Chang'an, Daming Palace ruins in Tang, the Wild Goose Pagoda, Ming tower, drum tower, the Forest of Steles and so on. Mausoleum Qin Shihuangdis is well-known in the city.
  • Nanjing has a history of 2471 years so far. Since 3 centuries AD, there have had Dong Wu, Eastern Jin dynasty and other 10 found a capital and the regime here. Nanjing has a large number of cultural relics, from which you can find the source of history. Stone town, Confucius Temple, the Ming tombs of the Southern Dynasties Xiao Ling, the ruin of the National Palace Museum and Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum are well known to the world.
  • It is China's famous one-time capital of nine dynasties. The most well-known Relic in the city is the southern Longmen Grottoes. White Horse Temple in east is China's first Buddhist temple. There are also Han, Wei Old City ruins, the Western Zhou Dynasty City, the Sui and Tang Dynasties Old City ruins, Kwan Lin, as well as a large number of ancient tombs. Luoyang peony show in annual May is even more crowded and famous to the world.
  • Since Wu found a capital here in the year 514 BC, Suzhou has been a city popular with prosperous handicraft business in the south of the Yangtze River. It saves a lot of well-known ancient gardens focusing the best garden art of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are totally of 489 heritage units, second only to Beijing and Xi'an. Historical sites are around the city such as Tiger Hill and Humble Administrator's Garden.
  • Hangzhou is the cradle of China civilization in Yangtze River. Human beings appeared in Hangzhou Plain as early as 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. Hangzhou is one of the seven ancient historical cities and is one of the world famous tourist cities. There are famous scenics such as West Lake and many historical sites such as Temple of Soul's Retreat, Yue Temple, and Pagoda of Six Harmonies and so on.
  • Kaifeng is one of China's six major ancient capitals. It is rich in cultural relics and has formed a pattern of early urband outlook. The ancient city is unique in the northwater city, showing a long history of tradition and rich cultural connotations. Historically, Kaifeng, is the earliest developed areas in China. There are cultural relics Tower, the Tower Fan, Long Ting, Taiwan, Yuwang, the Northern Song Dynasty and the Temple City Bianliang and other sites.
  • Located in the territory of China, Datong owns vital importance of military Beifang. There are well-known scenic spots during the Northern Wei such as such as Hwaomsa, Shanhua Monastery, and Nine-dragon screen and so on.
  • King Fu Chai of Wu started to build “Han city” here during Spring and Autumn period. Sui cut the Grand Canal so that it becomes more north-south traffic in the hub of commercial and industrial development. Yangzhou owns the well-known history of the city's business and friendship between Chinese and foreign ports. Chinatown sites, Shi Gong Temple, Ping Tang Mountain, Slender West Lake, Heyuan Park and other cultural relics.
  • In China’s Long history, Chengdu has ever been a city of flourishing culture. The Jinsha ruins, ancient civilization and culture of the three Kingdoms are famous at home and abroad. Known as the "world miracle", the Dujiangyan water conservancy project has been here for over 2000 years effectively and enduringly. The world's first notes – Jiaozi was born in the Northern Song period of Chengdu. China's first government-run schools – Wen Weng Shi Shi was founded in the Han Dynasty in Chengdu.

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