Top Ten Ancient Cultural Cities with Long History in China

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The Chinese glorious history is formed on the basis of development of the cities. The cultures of multitudinous Chinese cities passing through over a thousand years’ history have become steady and profound. Their culture is like the wine giving off the fragrance. It also becomes an important aspect of attracting tourists. The following are the most famous cities with longest history in China.
  • It was called Changan in ancient times. As the cradle of Chinese civilization, it has been existed for more one million years; ape-man in Lantian is a representative. The city has passed though Zhou, Han, Tang and other 12 dynasties as the capital. It enjoys the fame of “four worlds civilized ancient cities” with ancient Athens, Cairo and roman.
  • It was the capital city of 13 dynasties. With the longest history, it was listed as the world largest cities six times in history. From Shang and Zhou dynasties to the Sui and Tang dynasties time, Luoyang once was the beginning of Silk Road in eastern countries. It has contacted with European, North Africa and the Asian countries.
  • As China's capital city, it is a world-famous city which is completely preserved..Although it has been 700years for it to be a political center, but as an ancient city, as well as regional country, it at least has 3000 remaining years of life histories.
  • As early as Neolithic Age, there were our ancestors live here. Its history can be trace back to Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty, 2700 years apart from now. it was the capital city of the later Jin dynasty, Eastern Han Dynasty, the later zhou dynasty as well as the Northern Song Dynasty, and it achieved its prosperity in the Northern Song Dynasty time.
  • This city has about 2700 years of history. It is the most completely preserved ancient city as well as the model of Han reconciliation. In the development of Chinese history, it shows a complete picture of vulture, society , economy and religion.
  • As a famous historical and cultural city, Nanjing has about 2470 years of history. About 300,000 years ago, there were ancient people live.6000 years ago, there have been primary villages. Its long history, splendid culture, gorgeous view has made it well known in hundreds of years.
  • As one of 24 famous historical and cultural cities listed by the state council, Yangzhou has a history of 2500 years. It reached its prosperity in Han, Sui, Tang, and Qing dynasty. It used to be an important business center and the hub of transportation both in water and road.
  • As early as more than 4700 years ago, there were found humanity live and produced Liangzhu Culture. It was the capital of Wu Yue dynasty and the Southern Song Dynasty. It was one of seven ancient capital cities. During The Southern Song Dynasty time, Hangzhou was the capital for150 years.
  • As an ancient cultural city, it has created two miracles in the Chinese history; one is that its name doesn’t be changed in 2000 years; the other is that it has always been the capital city of Sichuan region. It can be seen as one of Chinese capital cities with glorious history.
  • As one of cradle of Chinese culture, it has the unique historical cultural characteristic. As early as 25,000 years ago, there were our ancestors live. Many legends such as DaYu regulates waterways, the king Wen develops, the woman volunteered for military service, the SuQin was appointed prime minister snd so on.

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