Top 9 Magnificent Sights in China

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  • The beautiful and mysterious Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is always the ideal destination for tourists. In 2006, a highway was built on this “roof of world”, carrying the dream to the fairyland. But we can not forget that every meter of road may bear a moving story, because it was a so difficult project. This road is from Chengdu to Lhasa. After passing by Yaan and Kangding Counties, the road is divided into two roads, one to North and the other to South. The north road goes through Ganzi Sichuan, and the south crosses the highland of 5,000 meters above sea level. The wonderful sights will be extremely attractive for tourists.
  • The Himalayan Mountain Range is located on the south part of Tibet Plateau, with the main part situated on the boundary of China, India and Nepal. It is composed of many paralleled mountains, such as Xifalike Mountain and Small Himalayan Mountain and so on.
  • Located on the central part of Gansu Province, with Lanzhou and Baiyin City to the North, Tianshui City to the east, Longnan area to the South and Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Linxia to the West, Dingxi has shaped two natural climatic types, rainless hills zone and cold moist zone. Here is characterized of vast land resources, various ecological resources, abundant mineral resources and distinct tourist resources, which is a great potential area for development.
  • Liupanshui is a typical Karst region with abundant and unique tourist resources. The Biyun Cave has been ranked an international base for exploration. The Yelang ancient nation site and Zhangke River Valley have been well-known to the historical circle and tourist circle, and the natural reserves and waterfall groups have enjoyed good reputation among the world. In addition to natural landscapes, here exist many splendid and colorful local customs and practices, attracting many people coming here every year.
  • Here is a place full of great mountains and clean lakes with natural landscapes so pure and magnificent. Here exists the only one river in the world that has not been polluted---China-Russia Boundary River. The North Pole village in Mohe County is the only one area in China that can appreciate the aurora borealis. The Great Khingan covers 84,600 square kilometers, with forest coverage of 71.1%, it is a paradise for 400 wild animals and 1,000 wild plants.
  • Simao was an important place on ancient Tea and Horse Road in Yunnan. Due to the distinct climate, it is a key place of origin for famous Pu'er Tea and one of largest area for tea production. Located on southwest part of Yunnan Province, it is an important southwest portal of China, with Lao People's Democratic Republic and Vietnam to the southeast, Myanmar to the southwest.
  • Located on the north part of Xinjiang, Aletai is populated with several ethnic groups. In locals, Aletai means Jinshan Mountain (Golden Mountain). It is adjacent to Kazakhstan and Russia to the Northwest and Mongolia to the East. This area has beautiful landscapes and more than 30 high-rank scenic spots, including well-known Kanas Lake, Fuhai Beach scenic areas and glaciers and snow mountains.
  • Lhasa River is originated from Mount Nyanqêntanglha, running through Naqu, Dangxiong, Dazi and other places, which is one of largest tributaries of Yarlung Tsangpo River. It is also one of highest rivers in the world with average elevation 4,000 meters. Around Lhasa River, most areas are covered with highlands and precipitous peaks and cliffs.
  • Yarlung Tsangpo originates upstream from the South Tibet Valley and Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, in Tibet. It then passes through the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India, where it is known as the Dihang. It flows in the world's largest and deepest canyon, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. Further, it is the world's highest river.

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