Top 5 Buildings Suitable for Sightseeing

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  • The sightseeing hall, 88th floor of Jinmao Tower, is the biggest sightseeing hall in China. The floor-ceiling windows give you a broad vision of urban scenery on both sides of Pujiang River and panoramic view of magnificent scenery of Yangtze Delta. It is more joyful to see the city at night. At a distance, the scenery that the light on bridge embraces the viaduct makes you feel like in Penglai fairyland.
  • The tourist programs in Diwang Comm. Ctr cover several theme recreation parts. Standing at the height of 384 meters, and seeing the Hong-Kong from the south semi-circular tourist area and the Shenzhen from the north, you will have a 360° view of the two cities, and find the wandering Shenzhen River extending like a green ribbon connecting Shenzhen and Hong-Kong.
  • Standing at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and viewing the whole city of Shanghai, you will feel it just like an arena for architects to build their blocks, because there are so many buildings and mansions in this modern city. Choosing a shining day and having a look at the city at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, you will find the exotic building clusters in the Band of Shanghai, Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge and a great many other attractions.
  • When you stand at the top of Tianjin Broadcasting & TV Tower, you will have a whole view of the city: spacious and beautiful Central Square, tall and splendid International Mansion, large Water Park at a near sight, and so many high-rise buildings at a far sight. If you come to the tower in the evening, it is more enjoyable to appreciate the city embraced by the light.
  • From the top of Macau Tower, you can see parts of Hong-Kong and the Pearl River Delta, and Macao Peninsula, Taipa, Coloane islands like three lotus floating on the green sea. Colina da Guia, Colina da Penha, Bank of China (BOC) Tower and Hotel Lisboa are located at different places around the tower. Under the two cross-sea bridges, a great many ships and boats slip away like many stars in the sky.

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