Top 4 Hottest Cities in China

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About the Ranking
Scientists use the number of days which have temperature above 35℃ to evaluate the city’s weather. And indeed, the numbers of Nanjing, Chongqing, Wuhan and Nanchang are more than other cities. Through analysis, the numbers of days above 35℃ are on average of 19.3 every year in these four cities.
  • It may be the hottest city among the four. Wuhan is surrounded by lakes and every day there is a large amount of water evaporated. The heat air covering the whole city slows the outputting speed of heat on the ground and also makes people hard to radiate the heat, as if you are in sauna room. People have to be tolerant of the sultry weather.
  • The main reason for high temperature is its special location and landforms. It is a well-known high temperature zone in China, especially the time from July to October. This year, several rainy days relieve the hotness to some extent in June, while most Chongqing people are not very happy about that, for they know the really hottest days are on the way.
  • It is said that if you are in Nanjing, do bring a fan with you. In the aspect of high temperature, Nanjing is the same as Shanghai, while at night, Shanghai is cooler than Nanjing because it is adjacent to the sea. So Nanjing people often admire the weather of Shanghai.
  • Nanchang is the fourth hottest city in China. In the summer of 2003, there were in all 22 days of temperature above 39.7℃, and the highest temperature of the land surface was over 60℃. People had to rush into the river to relieve the summer heat. In November of that year, the highest temperature reached 31.2℃, which was surprising many people in China.

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