Top 10 Travel Resorts in Tibet

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  • Linzhi is well-known in the world for its deepest valley-Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Valley, which is a best travel resort for sightseeing and exploration. Located on the east part of Tibet, average elevation of 3,100 meters, Linzhi is a sea of flowers, ranged from Snow Lotus to bananas and palms. It has abundant natural resources and well-reserved natural landforms. Traveling in Linzhi and renting a wood house on the foot of green mountain, you will appreciate the clean lake and flying birds and have a shower in hot springs. Linzhi is absolutely your best choice.
  • Located on southeast part of Tibet Plateau, Chayu is a boundary area between Mount Himalayas and Hengduan Mountain Range. Due to numerous lakes and rivers, Chayu is called “Water Town”. Here have fertile plain and lots of terraces. Chayu is like a red flower embedded in such snowy plateau. Because of special geographic conditions, various fruits and rice can be planted here. The famous Tibet tea was first produced from here. Besides, the Meili Snow Mountain locates in Chayu, attracting many tourists at home and abroad.
  • Located on southeast of Tibet, the boundary area between Mount Nyanqêntanglha and Mount Himalayan, Bomi is a village surrounded by snow mountains and charming lakes. It is the source of Kaqin glacier, the largest marine type glacier in China. The whole glacier is 19 kilometers long, covering 90 square kilometers with average elevation of 4,200 meters. When you stay in Bomi, the place of average temperature of 10 degrees, you will find the beautiful landscapes of Tibet. In May and April, large areas of peach blossom, rape flower, and highland barley will add amazing colors into the pictures, which will make you intoxicated.
  • Situated in the eastern part of Tibet, Milin County is between Mount Nyanqêntanglha and Mount Himalayan, with average elevation of 3,700 meters. Distinct geographic location, numerous mountains and rivers and complicated landforms constitute the very attractive natural landscapes. You will be intoxicated by green Niyang River, luxuriant forests and magical mist. Here have the last mysterious valley- Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Valley, unconquerable Namjagbrawa Peak with beautiful legends, natural hot springs which can cure disease and famous religious temples and cultures.
  • Located on southwest of Sichuan Province and southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Daocheng City has special geographic location and landforms. It is surrounded by mountains, which is high in north and west and low in south and east. It not only has high elevation snow mountains and mysterious low elevation valleys, but also has vast grassland and smooth rivers. Daocheng is considered as the center of Shangri-la and reputed to be the last Shangri-la.
  • Litang in Tibetan means flat fascine dam, due to its vast Maoya Grassland. It is awarded “the highest city in the world” because of the elevation of 4,014 meters. Here have the first peak of Kangnan area-Gelie Holy Mountain, vast Maoya grassland, dotted high mountains and lakes and mineral hot springs. In addition to natural sights, it has abundant cultural sights, such as well-known Keer Temple and Lenggu Temple, long history horse race and tent city full of local customs. It is attractive for tourists, for it may be the last horde tribes on the earth.
  • Danba is reputed as a hidden fairyland in Hengduan Mountain Range, which is a cultural center of Jiarong Tibetan nationality, 368 km away from Chengdu. Its distinct and magnificent natural landscapes consist of high mountains, deep valleys, rapid rivers, luxuriant forest, vast grassland and numerous glaciers, lakes and hot springs. Besides, the well-known stone building civilization is originated from here. From ancient time, it has gained reputation of “city of thousand stone houses”.
  • Located on southeast of Tibet, surrounded by Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Valley, Motuo is the only one county in China that has no road through it. Motuo in Tibetan means “dam that is full of colorful flowers”. Honored as “Xishuangbanna of Tibet”, it is a holy place for zoologists, botanists and explorers. The Tibetan primitive forest is maily located here with above 80% forest coverage. It can be said that Motuo is the best place for scientific study and travel exploration.
  • Located in Kongque Valley between Namunani Snow Peak and Abi Peak, adjacent to Nepal and India, Pulan is a county surrounded by snow mountains. The Kongque Valley has beautiful landscapes, with snow peaks on both sides and undulated accumulative formation of sand and gravels. Here has moist climate which is rare to see in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. When you see the green forest and tranquil village, you will feel like being in a fairyland.
  • Yadong in Tibetan means “deep valley with rushing water”. It is a portal in south direction of Tibet, with Sikkim to the west, Bhutan to the east and only 80 km away from India. The snow mountains are so high as if they are standing into the sky. The glaciers are so beautiful as if numerous silver dragons are flying along the valley. The highest peak here is Zhumulali, 7,364 meters above sea level. Because of its extremely precipitous peak, it has attracted many climbers, but has not been conquered by now. The lake on the foot of snow mountains gives people a sense of mystery by displaying various colors.

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