10 Major Snack Streets in Beijing

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  • This street has the concentration of many famous restaurants with long history, like the zheng yang gate experiencing wind and rain, and the restaurants there all have long history too, with their shop signs as the witness. Though they don't have so much popularity like any other food streets, they stand for the Beijing city’s food culture, and also a place for the local residents. How to get there: Bus No.20, 203, 59, 66, 5, 120.
  • When you count the restaurants on the streets, you may find that they have the flavor of hot and spicy, such as the famous Li Lao Die-with its major food as the Sichuan Cuisine for its spinch and fragment and the tan yu tou from Si chuan as well .also the qing zhen restaurant near the niu street has enjoyed a good popularity too with many time-honored shops from the South street at the same time. How to get there: Bus No.620, 617, 19, 381, 390.
  • As most of the wine shops were built on the former king’s house, there are also many historic taste in the restaurants too, among which, the ge ge house was one of them, it was formerly used as the marriage site for the princess rong shou gu lun given by ci xi in the Qing dynasty, this house enjoys high sense of historic color and cultural heritage with its special court braised dishes as it hit. How to get there: Bus No. 26, 849, 653, yun tong 103, 205, 105.
  • It is about 3 kilometers long, with dozens of well-known catering business including Hangzhou dishes, Huaiyang cuisine, Xiangcai, Ecai, Sichuan dishes gathering there. And each restaurant has unique and special decorations, they are classical, luxury and western style, which has become the high-end dinning zone. How to get there: Bus NO. 26, 849, 653, yu tong103, 205, 105.
  • When it was night, it enjoys a good business, not only the customers have to wait a long time for the general restaurants but also they have to be in the long queen for the high-end level food. There are two major characters for its food industry, the first is its wide range of options- from the high-end Bao Chi-yan and the common food in the southeast, the second is the high rate of updating, which forms the specialty. How to get there: Bus No. 620, 617, 19, 381, 390.
  • On both sides of the road stand numerous high-grade offices and apartment, and the business center is absolutely the place of many restaurants with various kinds of levels and flavor, especially the ones from the alien countries. And because of these flavors, they function as the bourgeoisie taste, also there are so many famous restaurants on this road, they are small-sized and famous for exotic feeling. How to get there: Bus No. 104, 801, 671, 416, 403, 421, 405.
  • This region has a total of nearly 20 restaurants, including the operation of the dishes Sichuan, Guangdong, Xiangcai, Hangzhou dishes, Xinjiang cuisine, the Japanese and Korean meals, providing traditional food, cafes, coffee shops and even the Lebanese flavor. Generally they have higher grade of decoration and environmental characteristics, and this street has orderly planning with parks in front of each restaurant, the back of which is the park, managed by the security guard and it is a typical “rising star” food street. How to get there: Bus No. 1, 4, 985, 620, 851.
  • It is Beijing’s earliest popular food street, also a place for the night people’s dinning, and the frequent customer described the prosperous scenic as “everybody for crayfish, songs to the morning”, and indeed people come here mainly for the hot and spicy crayfish. How to get there: Bus No. 106, 674, 24, 406, 635.
  • It is only popular in recent years due to the construction of the surrounding residential areas, which supports the corresponding restaurant industry development. It has more complete facilities, wide street and not small scale stores with many and various kinds of cuisine including Chinese and western food. How to get there: Bus No. 973, 434, 51, 627, 655.
  • It is a food street containing an unlimited potential development in the Zhong guan cun, and it has been ready at any time. Maybe it is close to the IT business center like zhong guan cun, the street has the food for the cultural background. How to get there: Bus No. 944, 26, 386, 367 and 361, yun tong 114, 109, 302.

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