The Five Most Romantic Cities in China

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You may feel romantic without any reason. When you live in a city, you may feel it suddenly. Then you will have a new understanding about the city. Let me show you the different romance of the following five cities.
  • Guangzhou is less noble than Beijing and Shanghai and also less poetry than Suzhou and Hangzhou, while it is a city most suitable for living, because it is very humanistic. From the creative designing of ring bell on the bus-door to the planning of urban construction, we can feel the comfort of life. If you want to experience the romance of life, then Guangzhou will be your best choice.
  • Beijing is a very noble city. Everything you want, traditional and fashionable trend, national and western style, noble and insignificant things, can be found in Beijing, including the romance.
  • Shanghai is as noble as Beijing, while is less inclusive. She is very captious. Only the gorgeous things can exist here. Therefore, everything is beautiful, the Bund, Lujiazui, Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road. In gorgeous Shanghai, you can surely find your own beautiful romance.
  • The most love sentiment stories happen in Hangzhou. Fanli and Xishi of the Spring and Autumn Period, Liang shanbo and Zhu yingtai of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and Xuxian and Baisuzhen of South Song dynasty, the three Chinese famous couples, all have love stories in Hangzhou. It absolutely proves that Hangzhou is a poetry city.
  • Walking along the bank of sea, and seeing the blue sea, you will feel the momentum of the sight. On the bank, the coconut palms are shaking their branches. At the moment, all the bad things will go away with the wind. When you are disturbed, you can come here, and then you will have your dreams flying.

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